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Aviation Law

International Aviation Organizations

Below we have compiled a list of the largest (and usually important) organizations in International and National Aviation. Current rules and regulations can also be found on some of these sites.

Be sure to always check for the latest rules on these sites, more so if you are from abroad and do not have an updated AIP from these countries. Most have their AIP online in PDF form.

• Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association • International Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
• International Civil Aviation Organization • International Air Transport Association
• Federal Aviation Administration (w) • Transport Canada
• Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (w) • Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
• Aviation Code of the Russian Federation • International Satellite System For Search and Rescue
• UK Civil Aviation Authority (w) • European Aviation Safety Agency

Some of the sites will open in a separate window (w), this is due to the applied technology of that site. Others will open below in an iframe.

Web Site Organizations

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