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Aircraft Electrical Systems

Aircraft Electrical Systems

Electricity can be elusive to people as it is an invisible power source unlike pipes and tubing filled with hydraulic oil or water. But the pilot will need some understanding to be able to work with possible failures should they happen in flight. A flat or 'dead' battery can happen at anytime to anyone but should not become an issue.

Antenna's are connected by special electrical cable to the radio's so we will take a look at this important link. Nowadays we see more and more LED lights installed or as an option in general aviation airplanes, and there is also some interest by the homebuilt community to install these modern lights too in their project.

Electrical Sections


Electrical Sections

Electrical Systems

This section goes back to the basic electron and conductors and explaining what volts and amps are. Also, having a good ground connection in your aircraft will prevent interference from other electrical devices. Normal operation is discussed as are failures which do happen every now and then.

  • Electrons & Conductors
  • Volts, Amps & Ohms Law
  • Basic Electrical System
  • Power & Ground
  • Normal Operation
  • Electrical Failures
  • Which Electrical System

Power Generation

Electrical power is generated by specific devices as alternators and generators but if its not needed it will be stored in chemical batteries as storage for later use and starting the engine(s).

  • Magnetism Basics
  • Generating Elcetricity
  • Energy Storage

Antenna & Cabling

Aircraft radio's are connected with special coaxial cables to the various antenna, thus enabling good and clear communications and navigation signals to the crew.

  • Antenna Cables & Balun
  • Communications
  • Navigation Antenna

Lights & Recognition

In aid of recognizing aircraft during reduced visibilities and at night it must be illuminated according standards set forth by the authorities. Ordinary light bulbs were used in the past but LED light are becoming more and more commonplace.

  • External Lights
  • Installing Lights
  • LED Lights
  • Red LED Beacon

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