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Glance EFIS

Frontline Avionics, Glance - EFIS

Glance EFIS is an unique premium quality glass cockpit solution for ultralight and experimental aircraft such as flex-wing trikes, airplanes, gyrocopters and helicopters with an onboard network voltage from 8 to 35 V. The device performs all the necessary flight tasks. Its internal engine control unit is adapted for Rotax 91х/582 engine sensors.

The EFIS is intended to provide aircraft main flight parameters, to derive and display navigation information, as well as engine unit parameters. You can use the device as a stand alone or as a part of a number of complex of devices (sensors, actuators, etc.), networked via the CAN aerospace bus.

Modern aircraft use modern avionics and with the continuing development in electronics affordable EFIS systems are almost standard in every aircraft on the market today. On this page we are going to discuss an EFIS system especially made for the experimental, LSA and Ultralight market. It is an affordable solution compared to the bigger names we normally see and the device can be easily installed by the aircraft builder.

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Glance EFIS I

Glance EFIS is a very reliable device that will help with a safer flight and a higher pilot situational awareness. It is equipped with a 5.7" bright screen, big buttons, and large encoder. The EFIS has all instruments you need: the attitude indicator, ASI, VSI, AoA, Nav, EMS, etc. The Glance EFIS is 100% compatible with Rotax engines, and no additional modules are needed.

Flight Management


The 5.7 inch sized screen is ideal for light aircraft. Usually, it's quite difficult to install a bigger screen in a front panel. The screen has a 600 kd/m brightness and 10 adjustable levels. The unit has a very reliable navigation system with worldwide air navigation database. Updates are available every 28 days ($200 subscription needed) or annually for free.

The internal EMS is adapted for Rotax engines. For non-Rotax engines the company can offer an external EMS module. It helps you to monitor RPM, oil temperature and pressure, all (up to 9) cylinder head and exhaust temperatures. Additionally, you can monitor fuel level, flow and pressure.

The EMS system is able to work with one or two engines. In case of a multi-engine installation you will require two external EMS modules. The EFIS will detect these modules and it will display the parameters for both engines correctly.



The unit has an internal GPS (NAVstar) and GLONASS compatible receiver with magnetic declination and true-magnetic course calculation. The navigation display has a zooming range feature.
Private, military, civil and abandoned airfields are also displayed together with your actual heading and the course to the target waypoint.

Other pieces information shown on the display are: target waypoint, airspaces, airspace boundary intersection (coordinates and distance, name, altitude etc).


Up to three displays are supported in one configuration with synchronization of flight plan and user waypoints, basic barometer setting, date/time synchronization and NMEA coordinates & navigation transmission.

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Company Background

Monrovian Aerospace Cluster

Frontline Avionics is based in the Czech Republic and run by CEO Nick Gribakin. They are a member of the Moravian Aerospace Cluster. This is an association of Czech aircraft companies.

written by EAI.

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