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- Altitude Calculators -

Enter air temperature (OAT) (°C or °F), QNH (hPa or inHg) and elevation (feet) in the grey fields.
The fields are pre-filled when you have requested a METAR previously.

Pressure Density Altitude
Temp (OAT)  °F  °C
QNH  hPa (mb)  inHg
Elevation  Feet  @  
Pressure Altitude    Feet
Density Altitude    Feet

For the latest weather, visit our METAR/TAF tool:

This calculates the actual altitude you are at when you know QNH and Pressure Altitude.
Helpful when you are unsure of the accuracy of your altitude indicator.

Actual Altitude Calculator
Temp (OAT)  °F  °C
QNH  hPa (mb)  inHg
Pressure Alt  Feet  
Actual Altitude    Feet

See the image below for a graphical relationship of pressure & density altitude vs temperature.

Pressure density Altitudes

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