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Experimental Aircraft Info (EAI) started when friends were asking me questions like: "I am planning a flight to airport such and such on this or that date. Do you know where to find the latest weather enroute and information for that airport...?". I'm sure you will recognize this. Thus the idea for this website was born and later expanded into aircraft building and aviation product and technologies information.

We aim to provide concise information on several interesting subjects for pilots and other aviation enthusiasts, thus refreshing once learned knowledge and not pretending to be a full fledged pilots course. The level is comparable to that of a commercial pilot license (CPL), where needed we will delve deeper explaining subjects further. Articles will be to the point and whetting your appetite for more, leaving you to study the topic further at your own pace.

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Anyway, have fun reading, flying, building and stay tuned for updates!

Yes, we're really licensed: EU NL-PPL (A), FAA US-CPL (A), CAA NZ-CPL (A), RFI(A)
Ratings: Single Engine Piston Land and Sea, Light Sport/Ultralight Aircraft, Night VFR, Aerobatics, Aircraft Whale Watch, Gas-Turbine, LPE-6
Certified A/C: Gippsland Aeronautics GA-8 Airvan, Beechcraft BE-36, Piper PA-28, Cessna C-150/152, Cessna C-172, ACA Citabria, Tecnam P2002 & P92-JS, Pipistrel Virus SW (121)
Experimental A/C: DynAero MCR-01, Ultravia Pelican PL (Turbo 914, 912s), SMAN Petrel Amphibian
LSA A/C: Rans S-6S S-12, Condor TL-232, Tecnam P92(E), Pipistrel Alpha Trainer



Yes, we have been on the World Wide Web for over a decade now!
It has been a lot of work, creating/writing pages, a number of site rebuilds, infrastructure changes and a lot of time (years) but we have enjoyed it to the fullest!

We would like to say thanks to all our visitors and supporters who have helped us to grow and become the site we are today. Thank you very much for that!

Technical Stuff

This website is developed under Ubuntu Linux with Geany/ BlueFish and under Windows with Visual Studio Code/ PSPAD using HTML5 / XHTML1, SASS CSS3, PHP7 and JavaScript / AJAX / Fetch. We implement useful modern features (for example: Service Workers with Cache API, Workbox routing and a Progressive Web App) as they become available in mainstream browsers and mobile devices with their fluid layout.

Our Content

Is based on known facts, personal experience, studies and valid peer reviewed, robust science. We do not present subjects that are known to be not verifiable. On some of our pages we show physics, notably weather subjects, and those are based on confirmable facts and not on beliefs, false consensus, faith or political views. We would like to keep an open and somewhat questioning view with an inquiring mind. We therefore totally agree with the next quote from:

Carl E. Sagan (1934-1996): "What counts is not what sounds plausible, not what we would like to believe, not what one or two witnesses claim, but only what is supported by hard evidence rigorously and skeptically examined. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence".


HTTPS/SSL is implemented as a security measure to ensure the webpage is delivered to the end user fully encrypted; without the possibility of a 'man in the middle' attack. HTTP/2 prioritization is also active but that depends greatly on which browser is used to access the site. As of Sep 2019 we support HTTP/3 (QUIC) UDP based encrypted-by-default Internet transport protocol.

Content Delivery Network

Protected by CloudFlare

Our content is delivered via the CloudFlare Content Delivery Network (CDN) and this increases page load speed as users will connect to a data center close by where our site is then cached. CloudFlare also protects against malicious activity from site scrapers, spammers, botnets, DDOS attacks and other vulnerabilities.

Browser Compatibility

Testing has been done on several mobile web and mainstream desktop browsers such as Chrom(e|ium), Firefox / Mozilla 1.7, Opera and Safari. When available we test on lesser used browsers too: Netscape Navigator 9.x (the final version), Konqueror 3.5, Flock 2.5.6, Maxthon 3.x, MS Edge and the good old incompatible Internet Explorer browser. All were used under Windows 200(0/3/8/12/16) / XP / Vista / Windows 7, 8 and 10 and several 32 and 64 bit Ubuntu / Debian Linux based desktop and mobile (Android and IOS/ iPadOS) operating systems.


To maintain a good user experience we recommend a minimum resolution of 1152x864 pixels and the pages will expand no wider than 1152 pixels to maintain the Fibonacci sequence (Golden ratio 1,618) with the side menu for layout purposes.

Mobile Devices

Due to the layout of the site we recommend tablet devices with screen sizes from 7.0" and up in landscape mode. On mobile devices with smaller displays the site will adapt and work responsively, but readability will be somewhat impaired, which is typical for those small screens.

RSS feed

We also have a live RSS (v2.0) feed available to be used by RSS capable readers. This will make it easier to follow the updates here on the site as they are available in your favorite RSS reader almost instantly. Subscribe to our updates or see the RSS icon in the menu above.

Advertising Partners

We use Google and Infolinks to run ads on the site to pay for the hosting, DNS name, CDN expenses and also to keep development/ updating of the site ongoing. As nothing is really for free on the Internet, it also helps us creating great new content. Should you be using an ad blocker, we kindly request you to whitelist our site.

You may also elect to help us via Patreon or SubscribeStar, with a regular donation which is very much appreciated. Thanks!!

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