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Our library contains a multitude of articles on constructing homebuilt kit aircraft and other subjects of interest to all of us who pilot and build an aircraft. For ease of access it is divided into several sections and subsections to combine closely related items.

Library Sections

Library Sections

Building Kit Aircraft

Herein you will find subsections containing articles ranging from composite, aluminum airplane to their parts, included are corrosion protection and aerodynamic cleanup. Also the time of construction is the perfect moment to make minor changes to reduce the drag of any aircraft design.

  • Aircraft Construction
  • Power Plant Installation
  • Aircraft Parts
  • Aluminum Alloys
  • Aerodynamic Cleanup
  • Composite Aircraft

Electrical Systems

To some people electricity is like magic. We are going to explain how it works and how it is used in our aircraft. And when you build your own airplane some knowledge is really required for troubleshooting so pay attention while you are here.

  • Electrical Systems
  • Power Generation
  • External Lights

Proficient Airmanship

Aiming to be a better pilot, assessing risks during the flight, checkout in another aircraft, acting in a continuously changing flight environment and what you can do in an emergency situation. That will be the subjects in this section.

  • Decision Making Process
  • Aviation Human Factors
  • Flight Environment
  • Managing Factors
  • Airplane Checkout

Aircraft Communication

This part will discuss radio communications, 8.33 kHz channels and everything related to that like emergency services and things like good antennas. As these devices are the last connection between the aircraft and the radio waves.

  • Radio Communications
  • 8.33 kHz Channels
  • Emergency Services
  • Aircraft Antennas

Firewall Forward

Discusses everything from the firewall forward until we reach the propeller (next section). From piston engines, turbochargers, fuel, lubrication and ignition systems, experimental designs, measuring engine horsepower and performance, it will be here.

  • Piston Engine Details
  • Engine Performance
  • Turbo's & Exhaust Systems
  • Lubrication Systems
  • Engine Ignition Models
  • Fuel System Parts
  • Experimental Engines

Propeller Construction

This is the section where we take a good look at propellers and their properties. We dive in to the selection process, look at aerodynamics and see which manufacturers we can buy these from.

  • Propellers & Spinners
  • Propeller Basics
  • Manufacturers

Secondary Systems

These secondary systems make up for the rest of the aircraft, not really essential for flying but they make life easier for the pilot. Think of brakes, oxygen, pitot static systems and much, much more.

  • Brakes & Wheels
  • Fire & Oxygen
  • Pitot Static System
  • Gyroscopic Systems
  • Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Written by EAI.

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