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Propeller Construction

This is the device that creates the thrust moving the aircraft forward, it is driven by the engine and has an aerodynamic shape or airfoil. We will take a look at whats involved in the design and construction of a propeller. On top of that: balancing a propeller is important so we look at that too.

We are going to discuss things as choosing for a two, three (or more) bladed, fixed pitch or even fully controllable types and a lot more. Finally we look at a number of popular propeller manufacturers and see what they have for us available. When testing and comparing propellers you will find that one will give a better climb, the other a better cruise and some will run smooth. But not all factors will be combined in one fixed pitch propeller.

Propeller Sections

Propeller Sections

Propellers & Spinners

Choosing the correct propeller for your aircraft is quite the task due to the overwhelming number of manufacturers of these important items. The most important propeller variables are listed on these pages.

  • Propeller Selection
  • Spinners

Aircraft Propeller Basics

Now the engine is running we need a way of converting this power to thrust so that the aircraft moves on its own accord. Aircraft propellers can either be fixed or fully controllable by the pilot.

  • Aircraft Propellers
  • Propeller Maintenance
  • Propeller Control
  • Aerodynamics

Propeller Manufacturers

There are a huge number of propeller manufacturers in the world today. They manufacture their products using materials as aluminum, wood, carbon fiber and composite materials and are either fixed or controllable in some way.

In this section we will detail the most popular ones found in the experimental, LSA and certified market. Although nowhere near complete and in alphabetical order only, have fun reading!

This section has grown so much we decided to split this into three regions: Americas, Europe and Asia/Oceania.

  • Airmaster
  • Bolly
  • Catto
  • Culver Props
  • DUC Hélices
  • Fiti Design
  • FP Propeller
  • GT Propellers
  • Hartzell
  • Helix Carbon
  • Hoffmann
  • IVOprop
  • McCauley
  • MT Propeller
  • Neuform Composites
  • Performance Propeller
  • PowerMax Propeller
  • Sensenich
  • Sterna Aircraft
  • Whirl Wind
  • Woodcomp

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