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Kaikoura Aero Club, Kaikoura, New Zealand

Air Kaikoura - Kaikoura Aero Club is located 8 km south of Kaikoura township. Just off State Highway One 400 meters north of Peketa exit. You can learn to fly, do a Pilot-A-Plane (fly the airplane yourself under guidance of an experienced instructor), Whale Watch flights and see Sperm whales and Dusky dolphins swim close to the coast. These tours are available every day, weather permitting of course.

It is possible to obtain a temporary flight permit based on your own foreign pilot license for those wishing to see New Zealand from above. You can also do the complete course and train for your NZ pilot license.
The friendly people of the Aero Club will guide you all the way during your visit.

Kaikoura Aero Club Website


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