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Homebuilt Kit Aircraft

This section introduces you to homebuilt aircraft, their avionics such as transponders, distress beacons (ELT), electronic flight displays, aero engines and propellers. We also take a look at the fuels they use, which depends on the type of engine that is installed. Most, if not all, builders opt for a gasoline engine although diesel engines are becoming more commonplace. Flying turbines is for the lucky few among us...

Homebuilt Sections

Homebuilt Sections

General Information

This section introduces you into the world of building yourself an airplane, discussing different designs and the engines they use: diesel, jet and gasoline types. Followed by a short introduction into propellers, fuel and maintenance. We also show you some flying car designs.

  • Definitions
  • Introduction
  • About Engines
  • Propellers & Fuel Systems
  • Safety & Maintenance
  • Flying Car Designs
  • Parts, Tools & More

Experimental Designs

Several companies are developing experimental aircraft designs which are new to the market or stem from ongoing develoment started years ago, i.e. the flying car dream. Here we dedicate some website space so that they are not forgotten.

  • A Flying Car
  • Some Designs
  • Saker Aircraft

Buying or Hiring

Building an aircraft will take a lot of your spare time for the next couple of years. Spouses and family may not like the idea of you building an aircraft and then flying with it. Buying or chartering might be an viable option for you to consider.

  • Learn the Secrets
  • Steps to Take
  • Charter Services

Avionics, EFIS & more

The goodies in the cockpit, this is what pilots like to play with. Radio's, navigation and EFIS systems, Global Positioning Systems and much more. Technologies as full color moving maps and terrain/traffic warning systems can be found here.

  • Glass Cockpits, EFIS
  • Distress Beacons
  • Radar Transponders
  • Radio & GPS Navigation

Aircraft Power Plants

We need some kind of power plant or engine to fly (gliders use either a tow aircraft or a winch), this is where we discuss all these types and models of engines, turbines, diesels and some electric motors too.

  • Gas Turbine Engines
  • Aero Diesel Engines
  • Aero Gas Engines
  • ULPower Aero Engines
  • ROTAX Aircraft Engines
  • Rotax Conversions
  • Car Engine Installations
  • Electric Propulsion

Aviation Fuels & Oils

Engines need fuel to generate power and a place to store it. Making sure that the pilot refuels safely and with the correct type and amount of fuel we dedicate some time and text to that. We also take a quick look into what the future might bring.

  • Managing Fuel
  • Aviation Fuels
  • Future Fuel Sources
  • Refueling Aircraft
  • Aeroshell Aviation Oils

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