Experimental Aircraft:
Also known as home- or amateur built aircraft and constructed by people for whom it is not a professional activity. 

Passion for Aviation


Welcome to this resource for owners of the experimental, homebuilt class of aircraft and for pilots of other general aviation and recreational flying machines. You will find a wealth of information about airplane construction and engine performance, pilot airmanship, VFR flight planning tips and other aviation aspects of interest to seasoned aviators or new pilots alike.

To assist with your preflight we offer a selection of frequently updated specialized weather charts, notices to airmen (NOTAMs), performance calculators and current ADDS and AVWX weather (METAR/TAF) reports. A selection of aviation news related feeds are also available through the top menu and our E6B app is accessible via the yellow button at the top.

Modern cockpits with EFIS, GPS, TCAS, ADS-B (Out/In), Mode A/C/S transponders and electronic flight bag (EFB) tablets are discussed as these state-of-the-art technologies require pilots to become familiar with them too. Just because we see these glass cockpits more and more every year and 'steam gauges' are being phased out.
All of this is complemented with a growing library of articles with even more fascinating subjects for you to peruse.

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Charter / Buying

If building from scratch is not the way to go for you, the next best option might be to shop around for an almost (or fully) completed project and finish that together with an experienced builder. You could even go for a factory certified/built model. Things to watch for when buying an aircraft, are also on the site.

Insurance & Finance

Insurance in the world of aviation is best handled by a specialist with years of experience and being entirely familiar in this highly specialized field. Read our insurance/ finance tips here and contact your aviation broker to learn about insuring or financing your hanger or dream airplane.

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