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METAR & TAF Colors

Color coding of METAR and TAF reports are now used throughout several Internet weather services, applications and products like EFBs. We also see them in mobile device apps too. Some good examples are the app 'Sky MET' and website 'SkyVector.com'. Even our own app (WX/ NOTAMs & E6B Tools) uses these colors too in the reports, have a look at the yellow button above.

As not everyone might be in the know what these colors exactly mean, we created this page for you to learn about it or use it as a refresher. Keep in mind that these color codings only refers to ceiling and visibility and are not designed for high wind or gust situations.

But our METAR/TAF app shows this in a very unique way! Follow the next link for our weather tool. It gets current and forecast reports and also an overview of recent (24h) flight conditions for the requested station and area weather too.

Have fun color decoding and to obtain current weather reports!

Color Coding

METAR and TAF reports use the following table as the base for the color coding scheme in their visual products:

Flight CategoryColorCeiling (AGL)Visibility
Visual Flight RulesVFRabove 3000 feetover 5 sm
Marginal Visual Flight RulesMVFR1000 to 3000 feet3 sm to 5 sm
Instrument Flight RulesIFR500 to 1000 feet1 sm to 3 sm
Low Instrument Flight RulesLIFRbelow 500 feetunder 1 sm

In text: By definition, IFR is ceiling less than 1000 feet AGL and/or visibility less than 3 miles while LIFR is a sub-category of IFR. By definition, VFR is ceiling greater than or equal to 3000 feet AGL and visibility greater than or equal to 5 miles while MVFR is a sub-category of VFR.

If we put this together and create a distance/height table with visibility and ceiling values we get the following result:

> 3000 ft    
< 3000 ft   
< 1000 ft  
< 500 ft 
 < 1 sm< 3 sm< 5 sm> 5 sm

This table shows the LIFR, IFR, MVFR and VFR limits in a very easy to understand and remember layout. Click the next link for a downloadable image of the METAR / TAF Colors.

Note: It has been decided to use the terms: VFR, MVFR, IFR and LIFR instead of the more correct terms: VMC, MVMC, IMC and LIMC. As these tables describe meteorological conditions and not Visual or Instrument Flight Rules (VFR / IFR).

Military Colors

These uniformed guys/gals with their fast aircraft use a slightly different color coding with more resolution in the lower altitudes. The image below shows it clearly.

Colors Military

As already said above: keep in mind that these tables only look at visibility and ceiling. High winds, gusts or wind sheer and/or precipitation are not included and you need to set your own limits for those circumstances.

Written by EAI.

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