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Aviation Weather

Aviation Weather

This section contains current and forecast weather charts and maps. METAR and TAF reports can also be obtained on dedicated pages.

For those of you wanting to refresh meteorological knowledge we have a number of articles on common weather and other very interesting phenomena available for you to read.

Weather Sections

Weather Sections

World Weather Maps

For a quick overview of weather in different regions we have collected Jeppesen, Satellite and Radar Images and charts from SAT24, Weather.org and Orbifly. Links to other external resources are also present.

  • World Weather Map
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Canada
  • North America
  • Mexico
  • Australia - New Zealand

Aviation WX Reports

METAR and TAF reports supply the pilots with actual reports and forecasts for the next couple of hours, they are text based but very easy to read. Several decoding manuals can be found here as well.

  • AWC NOAA Reports
  • Air Crew Reference Guide
  • Eurocontrol Guidance Note
  • Reading METARs TAFs
  • Color Decoding

Refreshing Weather

Understanding basic meteorological effects is very helpful for the pilot when assessing what the results might or might not be on the flight. Visibility, precipitation and related factors are very important to the VFR pilot.

  • Visibility
  • Radiation Fog
  • Advection Fog
  • Precipitation
  • Fronts & Clouds
  • Pressure & Systems

Weather Phenomena

Weather is usually a semi-localized phenomenon, but sometimes it pays to see the bigger picture. The composition of the atmosphere, solar cycles, ENSO effects, JET Streams and how the climate on Earth is influenced are some of the subjects here.

  • Earth's Atmosphere
  • Climate on Earth
  • El Niño & La Niña
  • Volcanic Ash Advisories
  • Solar Activity
  • ITCZ
  • JET Streams

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