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Firewall Forward

The operating or business end of the aircraft. Here you will find the engine(s), carburettor or fuel injection and all other subsystems needed to enable the engine to generate power and drive the propeller. The pilot must have some basic knowledge of these items to assess the airworthiness of the aircraft during preflight and be able to recognize problems during flight.

We are going to discuss things as performance, turbo's, ignition systems, lubricating oil, propellers and a lot more.

Firewall Sections

Firewall Sections

Piston Engine Details

Basic engine principles regarding two- and four stroke engine including the ideal gas law. How to lean engines correctly to reduce consumption and keeping it from detonating and running cool during flight.

  • Aero Piston Engines
  • Leaning Aircraft Engines
  • Avoiding Detonation
  • Engine Cooling

Engine Performance

Some high school physics, not difficult but it helps understanding what and why an engine does what it does. Monitoring these engine parameters during flight is one of the jobs of the pilot.

  • Engine Performance
  • Horsepower & Torque
  • Monitoring Engines

Turbo's & Exhaust Systems

Engines loose power when climbing to higher altitudes and to solve that problem aviation has developed super- and turbochargers compressing the air before it enters the cylinders so that engines have more power.

  • Turbo's & Supercharging
  • Engine Exhaust & Mufflers
  • Aircraft Exhaust Design

Lubrication Systems

Oil is the blood of the engine, it lubricates the internal parts and keeps the engine cool by removing heat from the pistons. It deserves proper attention by the pilot to keep the engine in good health and running reliably.

  • Oil Properties
  • Oil System
  • Maintenance
  • Analysis & Usage
  • Lubrication Details
  • Operational Aspects

Engine Ignition Models

To light the fire in the cylinders we have different methods. We all are familiar with the well known but really out dated magnetos and modern microprocessor controlled systems we find in engines today.

  • Magneto Ignition Systems
  • Electronic Ignition Systems
  • FADEC Management
  • Auto Ignition Systems
  • Ignition Systems Checks

Fuel System Parts

The fire in the cylinders need a continuous stream of food, this is where the fuel system gets to play its part. Tanks in high and low wing aircraft have different requirements and we show some solutions to keep the fuel flowing.

  • Rotax Fuel System
  • Fuel Tanks & Other Parts
  • Fuel System Design
  • Aircraft Carburetor
  • Fuel Injection Systems

Aircraft Propeller Basics

Now the engine is running we need a way of converting this power to thrust so that the aircraft moves on its own accord. Aircraft propellers can either be fixed or fully controllable by the pilot.

  • Aircraft Propellers
  • Propeller Maintenance
  • Propeller Control
  • Aerodynamics

Propeller Manufacturers

There are a huge number of propeller manufacturers in the world today. In this section we will detail the most popular ones found in the experimental, LSA market. Although not complete, have fun reading!

  • Airmaster Propellers
  • Whirl Wind Propellers
  • Catto Propeller

Experimental Engines

Every now and then we see an almost totally different approach in the way power is generated in engines, this section is where we gather these novel designs.

  • Duke Engines, NZ
  • Pulsed Turbine Jet

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