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Aircraft Construction

Building Kit Aircraft

Building your own airplane means dealing with parts, aluminum, wiring, instruments and making sure that corrosion does not show up years later when the aircraft is in service. Even more you will need to learn how to prepare and install an engine and propeller on the firewall.

We also take some time taking a look at aerodynamic drag and cleanup, during construction you will have the opportunity to do so and streamline your pride and joy. Aircraft usually have some composite parts so there's time spent with that subject too.
Keep in mind that with builder-assist programs you are definitely a bit less knowledgeable about the aircraft you partially constructed especially those parts you did not build yourself.

Building Aircraft

Building Aircraft Sections

Aircraft Construction

Working with sheet metal, drilling perfectly round holes and or reaming them to exact dimensions are for some builders new techniques they need to acquire. Corrosion protection is also required at this stage. Products like Proseal is used to seal wet wing tanks.

  • Airframe Construction
  • Aircraft Sheetmetal
  • Proseal Sealant
  • Drilling Holes & Cleco's

Powerplant Installation

Installing an engine takes serious planning and careful preparation of the firewall. All parts should be on hand so that work continues without any delay.

When that is done, installing your favorite propeller (propeller construction section) and spinner plus cowling alignment will be your next job.

  • Firewall Preparation
  • Aircraft Engine Mounts
  • Installing That Engine
  • Fuel & Oil Lines
  • Installing Baffles
  • Cowling Installation
  • About Spinners

Aircraft Parts

An airplane is made from a lot of parts flying in very close formation. Here we show you the most commonly used bolts, nuts, washers, and how to install rivets and preparing holes.

Your kit will probably have at least hundredths of these items so paying attention in handling really helps.

  • Torquing Bolts
  • Bolts & Threads
  • Bolt & Thread Locking
  • Bolt Grip Details
  • Eye & Clevis Bolts
  • Nuts & Washers
  • Rivets & Deburring
  • Turnbuckles
  • Hinges & Nutplates
  • Thimbles & Tubes

Aluminum Alloys

Aircraft are usually built from aluminum as this is strong and light weight, it also gets stronger with lower temperatures. Although not so corrosive as steel or iron, aluminum does corrode and it needs proper preparation before painting.

  • Aluminum in Aviation
  • Aluminum Properties
  • Corrosion Protection

Aerodynamic Cleanup

When busy constructing your aircraft you have the opportunity to make minor changes to improve its efficiency, lower the drag and such. Here we take a look at what you can do.

  • Aircraft Drag Reduction
  • Parasite Drag
  • Induced Drag
  • Aerodynamic Cleanup

Composite Aircraft

With these machines some parts are made from fiberglass or carbon and this can be formed in all kinds of shapes and sizes and it is easy to work with too. Working with temperature, resin and applying the right amount of hardener is the subject here.

  • Composite Construction
  • Paint Preparation

Build Assist Programs

These programs are aimed to help you with their specialized know-how and sometimes even you may use their workshop and tools too! Can be very helpful if you want to fly within a year.

  • Wheel and Wings LLC, FL

Written by EAI.

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