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Aviation Fuels

Aviation Fuels & Oils

Liquid fuels still contains the most energy by weight, this is the reason aircraft use these petroleum based products. But concerns about the availability of oil has led researchers searching for different sources. Even though there is more than enough petroleum based oil, maybe even forever, it might be worthwhile to mix it with other sources (algae) for cleaner burning and more efficient running engines to keep the exhaust gases as clean as possible.

For pilots, managing fuel during flight is very important as is fueling with the correct type and quantity, below you will find all information on this interesting and important subject.

Fuel & Oil Sections

Fuel & Oil Sections

Managing Fuel

During flight the pilot and or crew must be aware of the fuel status onboard the airplane, this is also true for us experimental aircraft pilots too. There are a number of tricks and tips we can use to manage the fuel remaining and to make sure that the destination can be reached with enough fuel to spare.

  • Fuel Management
  • Fuel Quantity
  • Onboard Fuel
  • Fuel Consumption

Refueling Aircraft

When the flight is completed or before one is commenced the pilot may need to refill the tanks. Safe and correct procedures are necessary to make sure that no accident happens. Burning fuel can be explosive and the results are really devastating.

  • Safety Procedures
  • Grounding Aircraft
  • Fuel Testing

Aviation Fuels

There are a number of fuels available to the pilot to refuel his aircraft and mistakes can easily be made at the pump. Refueling with JET i.e. AVgas may result in an off-airport landing, unless you're flying a turbine or diesel. But, apart from the refueling station markings, fuel can be recognized by its color and it is even possible to detect if water or alcohol is present.

  • AVgas
  • Mogas
  • JET
  • Diesel

Future Sources

Aircraft engines use fuel derived from petroleum based sources. At this time research and extensive testing is conducted to see if other sources (algae) can be used without competing with human food sources and thus not artificially raising prices of both commodities.

Although some say that oil is a product of processes deep under the surface of our planet (and is therefore unlimited) mixing it with other feed stocks may result in lower consumption and cleaner burning engines.

  • Aviation Fuel Future
  • Aviation Biofuel
  • Biofuel Testing
  • Current Oil Prices
  • Petroleum Fuels
  • Renewables

Aviation Oils

Lubrication is required in engines to keep them running smoothly, cool and remove heat from pistons and other parts. Oil therefore must formulated with the correct chemical properties required by the engine manufacturer for a long and reliable life. AeroShell and Liqui Moly are one of the largest suppliers of aviation fuels and oils, hence this section.

  • AeroShell Oils
  • Liqui Moly Aero

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