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There are a very large number of aviation enthusiasts producing countless hours of very interesting, entertaining and sometimes humorous videos on the well known YouTube video website.

Below we have a small selection of these channels which we personally find compelling enough to follow and have a look at regularly. We keep our selection limited to subjects like: travel by aircraft to interesting places, homebuilt aircraft construction, aircraft engines and experimental designs.

YouTube Channels

Click any image to visit them on YouTube. Enjoy and if you like what you see; do subscribe to their channel!

Aircraft Power Plants

viking aircraft engines
Edge Performance
Verner Motor

Travel / Visits / Experiences

The Flying Dutchgirl
Flight Chops

Experimental Aircraft Building

Homebuilt Help
Experimental Aircraft Channel

Aircraft Designs

Raptor Aircraft
Dark Aero

Some of these aviation news pages are compiled with a RSS feed from several news sources. As such, we can not take any responsibility for the correctness of these items.

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