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Hazards in Aviation

Pilots want to fly as safely as possible providing their passengers with the trip of their life. But every now and then due to circumstances out our control, location and weather things might get out of hand. We share our airspace with feathered birds and convective weather and they can pose some serious threats to our flight.

Here we introduce the reader to some of the hazards pilots face in their flying career and what they can do to avoid and migitate the danger to aircraft, crew and passengers.

Aviation Hazards Sections

Aviation Hazards Sections

Avoiding Birds & Ice

Although most birds are very small due to the higher speeds of aircraft they can impart some serious damage to the engines, fuselage and its occupants.

Ice forms where temperatures are low and moisture is abundantly available, but on aircraft it can pose a serious threat.

  • Avoiding Bird Strikes
  • Aircraft Icing

Thunderstorms (Cb)

This is a weather phenomenon that is to be avoided by all. Hail, heavy turbulence and up and downdrafts sometimes more than the aircraft can handle are common occurrences with these thunderstorms.

But technology is available to aircraft and crew so that they can fly around these dangers.

  • Background Information
  • Avoiding Cumulonimbus
  • Stormscope & AWR
  • Dangers of Cumulonimbus

Winds & Turbulence

When parked outside the pilot should take every measure that the aircraft does not go off flying by itself, tie downs and rope are needed when flying cross country when an over night is expected.

Turbulence is not every one's favorite flying activity, but sometimes totally unavoidable. Winds create low level turbulence in flatland area, but in mountains turbulence gets a whole new meaning.

  • Storm Protection
  • Securing Aircraft
  • Turbulent Weather
  • Turbulence Awareness
  • Turbulence Background
  • Low Level Turbulence
  • Wake Turbulence
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