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DynAero Service Bulletin

Most countries are member of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and as such have signed the "Chicago Convention 1944" (111 pages, 2 Mb). Aviation rules and regulations in member countries are based on the recommendations of the ICAO.

Document is the service bulletin from Dyn'Aero, it contains a summary table which the actions to be taken to inspect and possibly replace the fittings of the horizontal stabilizer as a result of the loss of a MCR UL type.

Dyn'Aero Service Bulletin

Excerpt from the document:

Following an accident that resulted in the loss of a MCR ULC, the rupture in unexplained circumstances of a certain type of attachment fittings of the elevator called "repair type" has been notified by the British authorities.

Although the accident had happened on a MCR ULC (large elevator) equipped with special fittings ("repair type”), it was decided, as a precaution, to extend actions to all aircraft of the MCR family considering the attachment fittings similarity on all models.

To continue reading see the pdf below:

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