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Aircraft Wiring

For an interesting story and a good learning experience about wiring aircraft and other techniques and tips we recommend that you read the document below.

Wiring for smart people

Aircraft wiring tips by Greg Richter, BMA

Excerpt from the document:

This is a step-by-step, Foolproof 100% Gonna Work guide to wiring your airplane simply, effectively and inexpensively that builds on one basic principle: people who build airplanes are smart folks who can do things. This booklet is about how to make our electrical systems simpler and easier to install.

Flying around the country installing EFIS and Autopilot systems I’ve met a lot of builders. I’ve hung out in their shops, drank their beer and wired a lot of airplanes. I’ve also heard the same questions about how and when to use certain techniques, what to ground and what not to ground, how to size breakers and switches, whether to crimp or solder, and why some antennas pick up Radio Moscow but not the local AWOS.

To continue reading see the pdf below:

written by EAI.

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