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Weight/Mass & Balance

Next to a good preflight plan and weather report is a thorough W/B calculation. This is a matter of serious concern to all pilots as well as many other people involved in the flight.

The pilot has to personally assume the responsibility (and by law) because he has control over both the loading and fuel management, the two variable factors which can change both total Weight/Mass & Balance.

The form we present below can be used for this purpose. It is very important to realize that any aircraft (yes, experimental aircraft too) which is out of balance or overweight is dangerous to fly. Not to mention deadly. So please be very, very serious about this.

Aircraft Weight/Mass & Balance form

This is the one we like to use. It is useful for two and four seat light aircraft. Be careful if weight is in kg and arm is in mm instead of lbs and inches.

We have also provided Weather, Performance and a Cruise data section with several items the pilot may fill out during preflight. This will give him an idea on the performance of the aircraft he might expect with the conditions of the day.

written by EAI.

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