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Earths ever changing Climate, CO2

The main reason for the existence of climatic regions on our planet is the tilting of the Earths vertical axes and the elliptic rotation of the Earth around the sun. This causes the amount of incoming solar radiation to vary throughout a year. As a result we have four seasons each lasting around 90 days.

There has been much ado about CO2 levels, the amount of it, who's responsible and its influence on our climate (if any).

CO2 Levels follow temperature

Scientific research (source: Professor Murry Salby, Chair of Climate Science at Macquarie University) has proven that CO2 levels follow temperature change than the other way around.

Excerpt from the document:

Professor Murry Salby is Chair of Climate Science at Macquarie University. He’s been a visiting professorships at Paris, Stockholm, Jerusalem, and Kyoto, and he has spent time at the Bureau of Meteorology in Australia.

Over the last two years he has been looking at C12 and C13 ratios and CO2 levels around the world, and has come to the conclusion that man­made emissions have only a small effect on global CO2 levels. It's not just that man­made emissions don't control the climate, they don't even control global CO2 levels.

To continue reading see the pdf below:

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