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Earths ever changing Climate, CO2

The main reason for the existence of climatic regions on our planet is the tilting of the Earths vertical axes and the elliptic rotation of the Earth around the sun. This causes the amount of incoming solar radiation to vary throughout a year. As a result we have four seasons each lasting around 90 days.

There has been much ado about CO2 levels, the amount of it, who's responsible and its influence on our climate (if any).

Climatic Effects of Man Made CO2

Excerpt from the document:

Carbon dioxide is the "gas of life" providing the carbon on which all plant and animal life on Earth is based. The IPCC and the anthropogenic climate change community have asserted that carbon dioxide or CO2 is a pollutant because it enables global warming or climate change. Computer models have been generated based on the unproven "Radiated Greenhouse Gas Emissions" theory which predicts catastrophic changes in the Earth’s climate leading to much future death and destruction..

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