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The fuel air mixture in the combustion chamber needs to be ignited at the correct moment to ensure efficient combustion and power generation by the engine. By clever design of the piston and correct fuel injection Sonex Research was able to design the Sonex Combustion System (SCS). It is an auto ignition system that operationally sits between the spark (9:1 ratio) and compression ignition (18:1 ratio) systems.

The Sonex Combustion System (SCS) improves the combustion of fuel in internal combustion engines (25%) and reduces soot, NOx, CO and other particulates. This technique enables engines to use an intermediate compression (12,5:1 ratio), no spark ignition and be multi fuel at the same time. Aircraft engines will be able to use JET fuel and be as light as a conventional AVgas engine.

There are two developments: the Sonex Controlled Auto Ignition (SCAI) piston based technology and the Low Soot Diesel Design (LSDD) for normal compression ignited engines.

Sonex Controlled Auto Ignition, SCAI

Document below describes in detail the Sonex Controlled Auto Ignition process.

Excerpt from the document:

Sonex Research, Inc., (Sonex) a small business located in Annapolis, Maryland, was co-founded in 1980 by Dr. Andrew A. Pouring, a former Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Chairman of the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the U.S. Naval Academy. At Sonex, Dr. Pouring has conducted basic research into the principles of in-cylinder control of ignition and combustion.

The Company’s patented Sonex Combustion System (SCS) technology as it applies to four-stroke direct injected (DI) engines features chemical/turbulent enhancement of combustion for the reduction of emissions and the enablement of a new combustion process for normally aspirated and turbo-boosted or supercharged conditions.

To continue reading see the pdf below:

written by EAI.

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