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To successfully complete a VFR flight current detailed airport and aviation information must be collected for the airspace, the departure and destination airports you will use.

ANAC Brazil published resolution 178 with procedures for aircraft and crew wishing to overfly and land into Brazilian territory.

Aircraft flying into Brazil

ANAC (Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil) resolution 178

Excerpt from the document:

RESOLUTION No. 178 OF DECEMBER 21, 2010. This Resolution establishes the procedures for landing or overflight report, and request to stay in Brazilian territory by foreign civil aircraft operating non-commercial air transportation services.

THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE NATIONAL CIVIL AVIATION AGENCY – ANAC, based on its competence granted by article 11, item V, Law No. 11182 of September 27, 2005, and considering what is established by the Title II, Law No. 7565 of December 19, 1986 and by the Decree No. 97464 of January 20, 1989 and by the opinions composing Process No. 60800.005240/2010-97 and also considering decisions taken during the Deliberative Meeting of December 21, 2010,

To continue reading see the pdf below:

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