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Aeronautical Information Publications

To successfully complete a VFR flight current detailed airport and aeronautical information must be collected for the airspace, the departure, destination and diversion airports you intend use.

For this you will need a paper or electronic Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP), Chart Supplement (Airport/Facility Directory) and aeronautical charts.

Current aeronautical information is presented for use by pilots in these publications. A number of AIS have NOTAMs and the AIP online as electronic AIP (eAIP). The organization of airshows usually publish operational procedures on their websites. EuroControl published a document containing tips to obtain aeronautical information before starting any flight.

When planning check both sides along your intended route for any pertinent information regarding obstacles, restricted airspaces and for airports along the route, in case of diverting to another airport or circumnavigating weather.

NOTE: make sure to ALWAYS use a current and updated AIP, charts or sectionals!

The text presented below can be used as a basis to start the preflight process. Links to AIS website services (AIP and VFG) are listed below and aviation weather forecasts are available on our weather pages. Should you need to refresh we have a guide on how to read NOTAMs.

Americas Aeronautical Information sites

Links to published aviation data (eAIP too):

  • Jeppesen - Sanderson -- Site for charts (Jepp and Bottlang kits) planning, training and pilot shop
  • US FAA AIP -- Aeronautical Airport Information, digital products from the FAA
  • Nav Canada -- Aeronautical and Weather Information in Canada
  • ANAC Brasil -- ANAC (Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil) is the Brazilian agency responsible for the regulation and the safety oversight of civil aviation. Those of you wanting to fly to Brazil, read ANAC Resolution 178 about the procedures

South-East Asia Aeronautical Information sites

European Aeronautical Information sites

These sites will help you fly safely through European airspace:

Electronic flight bags, EFB

In these modern times we have small electronic devices running dedicated software capable of downloading full AIPs from several countries on one device making the process of keeping up to date even more easier. But do make sure that your subscription is paid for, valid and updated.

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