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Airplane Charter

Aircraft Charter Services

Owning a private aircraft still leaves you with the all the hassle of keeping it in a legal flying status. Think about yearly maintenance checks, overhaul and even damage (how ever small that may be), proficiency and medical checks, insurance... You still have to take care of that airplane and everything else that comes with it.

If that is not the way to go for you, but you still want the availability and comfort of personal air travel without the hassle of owning an aircraft or being and airline victim. Then the only option for you is to charter (with or without pilot) and to enjoy luxury air travel in style.

Charter Companies

Worldwide there are a number of companies active in the aircraft charter or broker service industries. The advantage of working with a broker is that they can come up with a better deal by negotiating between charter companies so you will get the best offer you can get.


This is one of the advantages of chartering compared to airline travel. There are so much more airports available for a charter company to fly to than the regular major airlines can serve. Think small rural airports at nearby cities and probably closer to your destination than any scheduled airline service can go. This is mainly due to the fact that charter aircraft are smaller than the average airliner.

Worldwide there are over 5000 airports available for private airplanes compared to some 600 available for scheduled airline service. This means that you have a lot more airports to fly in to and getting that much closer to your destination or customer.


This is another major advantage compared to regular airlines. If you are able to fill all seats, and there are numerous seating options from four to many seats, you will have exclusive use of the aircraft and departure is at your leisure and possibilities. Check-in time is usually fifteen minutes before takeoff. Some even take care of customs should you go abroad.

Services onboard can be arranged too: lavatory, meals or drinks and ground transportation at your destination, just let them be aware of your wishes and everything will be taken care of.

Empty legs

Sometimes they are dispatched or relocated to other airports thus flying without a customer. A number of companies offer these empty legs to their customers and if you happen to go there too, make sure to be onboard!

Aircraft Charter


As some 20 % of the airline flights are delayed or canceled one way or the other, this will not happen so easily with a charter flight. Even extending your stay at your destination is normally not a problem.

Time & cost savings

By landing closer to your destination and with none of the usual airline delays you will save money and time. Equally so as if you went with a privately owned aircraft, but without the hassle of arranging the flight yourself.

Aircraft types

Luxury personal air travel in the form of four or six seat twin piston or turboprop powered aircraft up to light, medium and heavy jets with intercontinental range are all available to you. It all depends on the size of your group and the investment you wish to make.

Some of the models in use for charter services are: King Air Series, Piaggio Avanti, Citation CJ1 and CJ2, Gulfstream, Hawker Beechcraft, Learjet, Bombardier, Falcon and the Boeing Biz Jet. This is just a small fraction of the fleet that is in use today in the charter market.

Written by EAI.

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