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Common Aviation Fuels, AVgas

ConocoPhillips published a marketing specification on AVgas 100 LL where all the properties and their specifications are described.

ConocoPhillips AVgas Specification

Aviation Gasoline, 100LL Marketing specification sheet version 2006.

Excerpt from the document:

805 The maximum dye concentrations shown do not include solvent in dyes supplied in liquid form. (ASTM D 910 Table 1 Note E)

808 If no crystals have appeared on cooling to -58°C, the freezing point may be reported as less than -58°C. (ASTM D 910 Table 1 Note G)

809 A performance number of 130.0 is equivalent to a knock value determined using iso-octane plus 0.34 mL TEL/L. (ASTM D 910 Table 1 Note C)

To continue reading see the pdf below:

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