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Chevron Aviation Fuels

A 96 page technical review about Aviation Fuels by Chevron Products Company. Learn about aviation turbine fuel and gasoline performance and composition.

Chevron Aviation Fuels

A technical review by Chevron on Aviation Fuels.

Excerpt from the document:

When the commercial jet industry was developing in the 1950s, kerosine-type fuel was chosen as having the best combinations of properties. Wide-cut jet fuel (Jet B) still is used in some parts of Canada and Alaska because it is suited to cold climates. But kerosine-type fuels – Jet A and Jet A-1 – predominate in the rest of the world.

Jet A is used in the United States while most of the rest of the world uses Jet A-1. The important difference between the two fuels is that Jet A-1 has a lower maximum freezing point than Jet A (Jet A: – 40°C, Jet A-1: –47°C). The lower freezing point makes Jet A-1 more suitable for long international flights, especially on polar routes during the winter.

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written by EAI.

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