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A 69 page technical document about motor gasolines by Chevron Products Company. Its indepth and contains details on oxygenated gasolines, methanol and ethanol. A must read if you want to know more about gasolines and its performance in engines. Especially as more and more aircraft engines may use this fuel.

Chevron Motor Gasolines

A technical review by Chevron on Motor Gasolines.

Excerpt from the document:

Drive-ability is the term used to describe how an engine starts, warms up and runs. It is the assessment of a vehicle's response to the accelerator, relative to what the driver expects. Drive-ability problems include: hard starting, backfiring, rough idle, poor throttle response and stalling (at idle, under load or when decelerating).

The key gasoline characteristic for good drive-ability is volatility – the gasoline’s tendency to vaporize. Volatility is important because liquids and solids don’t burn; only vapors burn. When a liquid appears to be burning, actually it is the invisible vapor above the surface that is burning. This rule holds true in the combustion chamber of an engine; gasoline must be vaporized before it can burn.

To continue reading see the pdf below:

written by EAI.

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