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Common Aviation Fuels, JET fuel

Experimental aircraft commonly use engines which consume AVgas (Lycoming / Continental / Franklin and equivalent types) or engines running Mogas (Rotax, Subaru, Jabiru etc). Some engines are capable of running either fuel, although with restrictions.

Purpose built diesel aircraft engines are designed to use JET fuel and can run on normal diesel fuel too. In this section we delve deeper into aircraft JET fuels, AVtur.

ConocoPhillips JET A Specifications

Marketing specification of distillate Jet A, High Sulfur (3000 ppm).

Excerpt from the document:

229 The fuel shall be visually free of undissolved water, sediment and suspended water. The odor of the fuel shall not be nauseating or irritating. No substance of known dangerous toxicity under usual conditions of handling and use shall be present, except as permitted in this specification. (ASTM D 1655, Section 7)

284 The Mercaptan Sulfur determination may be waived if the fuel is considered sweet by the Doctor Test described in ASTM D 4952.

607 Only those additives specified and within the concentrations noted in Section 5.2 through of the current edition of ASTM D 1655 are permitted. Use of additives permitted by ASTM D 1655 must be clearly indicated on the Certificate of Analysis. The use of any other additives is prohibited.

To continue reading see the pdf below:

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