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Common Aviation Fuels, JET fuel

Experimental aircraft commonly use engines which consume AVgas (Lycoming / Continental / Franklin and equivalent types) or engines running Mogas (Rotax, Subaru, Jabiru etc). Some engines are capable of running either fuel, although with restrictions.

Purpose built diesel aircraft engines are designed to use JET fuel and can run on normal diesel fuel too. In this section we delve deeper into aircraft JET fuels, AVtur.

ConocoPhillips JP-8 Specifications

Marketing specification of distillate, JP-8, High Sulfur (3000 ppm), Nato Code F-34.

Excerpt from the document:

950 Referee Methods for MIL-DTL-83133E (JP-8) are as follows: Density, D-4052; Distillation, D-86; Flash Point, D-93; Freezing Point, D-2386; Net Heat of Combustion, D-4809; Hydrogen Content, D-3701; Particulate Matter, D-5452; Saybolt Color, ASTM D 156; Sulfur, D-4294.

952 Additives: Shipper must provide the type and amount of each additive used upon request.

953 The fuel shall be clear and bright and free from visual undissolved water, sediment, and suspended matter.

957 Premixing of Additives: Additives shall not be premixed with other additives before injection into the fuel so as to prevent possible reactions among the concentrated forms of different additives. (MIL-DTE-83133E, Section 3.3.7)

To continue reading see the pdf below:

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