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Hardware Suppliers

We compiled a short list of companies who are selling aviation grade and certified nuts, bolts, tools and whatnot. External information from and links to kit manufacturers, aircraft tool and part suppliers will be gathered on this page. Please be patient while we add more sites as time goes by.

When ordering tools from any supply company, keep in mind that they do not always have all parts in stock. Certain items will be on back order. So order well in advance and make sure they ship when complete. This saves you shipping costs.

Aircraft Supply Companies

The list below are sites who sell parts, some of those especially for the airplane builder. If you do not live in the same country as the part supplier, expect extra cost in the form of shipping and customs charges. It might help to order a reasonable amount (maybe for some other projects too) to offset these cost.

Personally when I need just a couple of bolts or washers I visit the maintenance shop at my local airport, most of the time they let me into the shop to see what they have (why do I always leave with more parts than I had on my list when I came in?). This way they get to know you and its good for business.

  • Dawson Aircraft -- We Specialize in Aircraft: Parts • Sales • Salvage • Storage • Retrieval • Investigations
  • Sky Geek -- Our parts fly but the prices are grounded
  • Dodson -- The only source you need, immediate shipment and value-based pricing
  • WBParts, Inc. -- Aircraft and Ground Support Equipment, Aviation Parts, Military and Commercial. ASA-100 Certified Supplier
  • AeroSup Avionics -- Avionics, Aircraft Instruments, Sales, Repair, Installations
  • ILS Aircraft Parts -- An inventory locator service agent features providers of aircraft parts, aviation equipment, marine spare parts and other supplies
  • Aircraft Spruce -- Pilot Supplies, Avionics and Homebuilt Aircraft parts
  • AirSuppliers dot com -- AirSuppliers.Com P.O. Box 161667 Fort Worth, Texas 76161
  • AircraftParts dot com -- Aircraft parts, including jet engines.
  • Chief Aircraft -- Grants Pass Airport, OR
  • Wicks Aircraft -- Aircraft and Motor sport parts
  • Barnstormers dot com -- Aviation busiest market place
  • Aircraft Tool Supply -- Serving the aircraft community since 1974
  • Affordable Panels, Inc -- Building panels and electrical supplies
  • Star Company, Italy -- Engine instruments, GPS and much more
  • 3M Worldwide -- A multitude of products for General and Commercial Aviation

The sites above are presented as is, we realize that there are much more companies working in this field. Just hang on as we will expand the list.

Are you the owner of an aircraft tool shop or sell aircraft parts? Contact us now and we will make you a deal to get you listed here!

Written by EAI.

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