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Saker Aircraft S-1

Saker Aircraft S-1

Saker Aircraft from California brings military performance and style to general aviation pilots, opening up a whole new class of aircraft for those of us who can afford such a luxurious life style.

The ability to fly out of 5000+ U.S. and many more airports worldwide will save you time between your home or office, and your destination. You choose the when and where... your jet is ready wherever and whenever you need it.

While this jet may look a lot like a gas guzzling fighter jet, it actually uses one of the most fuel efficient engines in the industry and utilizes advanced aerodynamics to severely reduce drag. The S-1 uses 20% less fuel than the competitors, while accomplishing the mission almost twice as fast.

The Saker S-1 makes any trip in record time. Cruise together with the airlines along the airways at up to 0.99 Mach. That’s a mile every 6 seconds.....but who’s counting?


Saker Aircraft S-1

Below you will find some preliminary performance specifications:

Saker Aircraft S-1 Specifications
Maximum Speed Mach 1.1
High Speed Cruise Mach 0.99
Cruise Mach 0.95
Range 1,600 mi (2,200 mi w/pods)
Service Ceiling 45,000 ft
Rate of Climb 12,000 ft/min
Wing Loading 60 lb/ft
Thrust/Weight Ratio .70
Max G +7 / -3 g


Saker Aircraft S-1

The airframe limitations and powerplant specifications are listed in the next table:

Saker Aircraft S-1 Specifications
Crew 2, Tandem
Length 40.5 ft
Wingspan 27 ft
Height 15 ft
Wing Area 170 sq. ft.
Empty Weight 6,300 lb
Max Takeoff Weight 11,500 lb
Takeoff Field Length 1500 ft
Landing Field Length 1500 ft
Payload 5,200 lb
Powerplant 2 x Williams FJ44-4
Internal Fuel 500 US gal
External Fuel 2 x 100 US gal pod

All performance figures are preliminary and subject to change at any time. Text and images used with permission from Saker Aircraft.

More information

For those of you interested in this amazing aircraft, visit the company at: https://www.facebook.com/SakerAircraft or http://www.sakeraircraft.com . The website has not changed much the last couple of years. Development might have stopped due to financial (usual) issues.

Written by EAI.

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