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Building your own airplane means dealing with parts, aluminum, wiring, instruments and making sure that corrosion does not show up years later when the aircraft is in service. Even more you will need to learn how to prepare and install an engine and propeller on the firewall.

The joy of building, pride of workmanship, the passion of flying, that is what building a kit can bring you. But at times or even after awhile the speed or enthusiasm with which you started out building your aircraft will begin to fade or it even grinds to a halt, unfortunately.


Its a given that if a third party builds your aircraft it will cost a penny. A huge advantage is that these build centers have a lot of experience with building the type (read: make less or no errors) and also can do your maintenance and inspections. Which, for some, could be an important factor.

Several companies are offering build assist programs so that you can really finish your project in a reasonable amount of time. Below we sum up some of them.

Sling Aircraft

The Airplane Factory

The official Sling Aircraft dealer for the U.S. They also provide build assist for all the kits they sell. Their website The Airplane Factory has all the details.

Custom Aircraft Builders

They offer a flat fee depending on aircraft and model, meaning you know upfront what the build will cost. Rotax iRMT technicians are available to help install the engine. Panels can also be build together with a specialist. More information at their website.

LookUp Aviation

Sling Aircraft Dealer for South-East U.S., located in Winston-Salem North Carolina at the Smith Reynolds Airport (KINT). They will assist with pre-purchase selection, flight training and more. Visit the website for more details.

Vans Aircraft

For Vans aircraft, their chapter 'Vans Air Force' has a complete list of build and learning centers around the world: https://vansairforce.net/bap.htm

Saint Aviation, FL

Provides builder assistance for experimental Van's RV's. If you need help with finishing up your build they are here to help. Saint Aviation has assisted numerous other builders with their projects, they have a variety of tools and equipment on-site. Feel free to give them a call for more information and pricing. Their website has all you need to know.


There is not much on their web page but this text: "If you want to build your Vans Rv and aren't sure where to start thats what we are here for. We offer builders assistance for new builders or for more experienced builders who want an extra set of eyes. We have built a variety of Vans aircraft and would love to help with whatever your project requires." Have a look for yourself: on their website.


From the site (because there is not much more that we can add): "At Synergy Air we are committed to helping YOU get flying - for some builders that means a little more guidance along the way. We offer personalized programs to help get your airplane built in the most efficient and professional way possible. We can work alongside you and teach you at every step, or help get you through a part of the project that is holding you back. Wherever you are at in the process of your build, we are here to help you get to where you want to be." Contact them at their website.

Zenith Aircraft


This company has a "Two Week Wonder" program where you quick build your aircraft in two weeks and taxi your newly build aircraft away ready to fly. Everything is done, from the airframe, engine installation and the instrument panel. They also have other customizable programs to suit your needs. Read more here on the site.


For Zenith aircraft we refer you to "Wheel & Wings" of Lake City, Florida. See their page here on our site.

Arion Aircraft

Arion Aircraft, LLC offers build classes at their facilities in Shelbyville, Tennessee for the Lightning experimental or the E-LSA LS-1. You build your aircraft with two experienced specialists, working 5 days and 8 hours a day. A fully assembled aircraft will take around four (4) weeks to complete. More information on their website.

Written by EAI.

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