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Wheel & Wings LLC, FL

Building your own airplane means dealing with parts, aluminum, wiring, instruments and making sure that corrosion does not show up years later when the aircraft is in service. Even more you will need to learn how to prepare and install an engine and propeller on the firewall.

The joy of building, pride of workmanship, the passion of flying, that is what building a kit can bring you. But at times or even after awhile the speed or enthusiasm with which you started out building your aircraft will begin to fade or it even grinds to a halt, unfortunately.

This is where Wheel and Wings from Lake City, FL can help you finish the project. They are Rotax, ULPower, Jabiru and Dynon certified to maintain and install those products.

Builders Assist

Sometimes its hard to finish what has been started, think of space, time, confidence, other commitments sometimes unforeseen or you may have trouble finding where to start and need a helping, experienced hand. W&W is able to help with subparts or the whole kit and everything with it. They will get you on track with your kit in no time.

Build Space

W&W also offers hanger/ build space for your project, this means that you can build your aircraft in-house with their help and tools and, more importantly: their huge experience with kit aircraft construction. This will really help to get your project moving forward.

Aircraft Kit Parts

Engine Installation

So you have finally, probably after years of building, completed the airframe on your own. You are the best, well done!! But now you want experienced help or advise with installing the engine, instruments or other fine details? W&W is going to be there for you too with wise words of advise and wisdom.

Rotax ULPower

As mentioned before: W&W are certified for selling, installing and maintaining Rotax and ULPower aircraft engines. Make sure to call on them for your annual engine inspection, repair and regular maintenance.

Panel Installation

Aircraft Kit Parts

Configuring the right panel can be an overwhelming task with so many options available. The company offers all kinds of solutions ranging from Dynon, (they are installation dealer) and Garmin. Even the classic steam gauges or a full iPad/ Android panel is possible.

It is your choice and W&W are there to help create the most beautiful panel that you will want to look at the next 1000 hours or so!

Electrical cable installations are also part of their comfort zone. Make sure to call them for help! ADS-B compliance is necessary to be able to fly in all airspaces as of 2020, W&W can help and advise to select the best solution for your airplane budget.

Maiden Flight

Your dream plane, the one you built with your own two hands, is taxiing down the runway for the first time. The sense of pride is unmatched when you take this momentous step and take to the skies for its maiden flight!

Panel Internals

Below a video from HomebuiltHELP showing a Dynon panel installation done by Wheels and Wings, enjoy!

Company information

Wheels and Wings can be contacted at the following addresses:

Wheels and Wings LLC
115 SW Bonanza Gln, The Hangar Out Back
Lake City, Florida 32025 USA
+1 (386) 690-4239
[email protected]

Text and images used with permission of Wheels and Wings LLC.

Written by EAI.

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