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World Energy Outlook

Fossil fuels or rather liquid petroleum fuels have the highest density of energy per weight/ volume of all energy sources (excluding nuclear). This is a natural fact no one can ever argue about. Due to this property we will not see any major change in this field in the foreseeable future.

ExxonMobile has created their World Energy Outlook where we can learn there is not going to be a major change in our energy infrastructure or energy supply mix over the next 25 years. It is possible that growth in carbon dioxide emissions will slow, but it is inevitable that emissions will be higher in 2040 than they are today.

A view to 2040

The use of energy and the lookout until 2040 and its impact for our society.

Excerpts from the document:

The Outlook for Energy is ExxonMobil's global view of energy demand and supply through 2040. We use the data and findings in the book to help guide our long-term investments. It also highlights the dual challenge of ensuring the world has access to affordable and reliable energy supplies while reducing emissions to address the risk of climate change. We share the Outlook with the public to help promote a better understanding of the issues shaping the world’s energy needs.

Why is this important? Because energy is fundamental to modern life. It is critical to human progress and to improving living standards for billions of people across the globe.

To continue reading see the pdf below:

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