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METAR and TAF reports


Before any flight the pilot in command is required to obtain the current aeronautical information from the AIP and recent changes in the form of NOTAMs. Obtaining and interpreting actual and forecast weather is also part of the preflight procedure.

The Aviation Weather Center of NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) supplies pilots with the latest information, advisories, forecasts and observations. We have selected their METAR/TAF product for easy access on our site.

Should you need help to decode these reports see this Aircrew METAR/TAF manual or the Eurocontrol METAR/TAF Guide. At the end of 2008 (Nov, 5) some changes were made to the TAF format.

The latest FAA Advisory Circular AC-00-45H Change-1 is also available here. It explains the US weather products and services in detail.


Below you can enter the airport ICAO code, keep in mind that not all airports have meteorological services to produce metars or tafs or when they do, some do not even report these to the Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS) at all.

ICAO Identifiers
Raw Format  Translated


The list below explains the features of the request form. Just enter any valid airport ICAO or IATA ID, make your choice in options and then press the button 'Get METAR/TAF' to obtain the report, it will open in a new window.

  • ICAO ID, Enter the ICAO codes for the airports you wish.
  • Raw or Translated, Select one to see the report in raw or human readable format (very handy).
  • METARs TAF checkbox, Both reports can be requested at the same time.
  • Most recent only, Select this box to receive any METAR up to 36 hours in the past.

Temperature/Pressure/Humidity conversions

If you have a need to convert the temperature, pressure or relative humidity in the reports, we have some calculators below that might be of help to you. Enter the values in the yellow boxes and press the calculate button.

Temperature Conversions
Temp.   °F °C  
Celsius Kelvin
Fahrenheit Rankine
Pressure Conversions
Pressure   inHg hPa  
inHg hPa
cmHg bar

Below we have dew point and relative humidity calculators (cloud level is a rough estimate):

Dew point
Temp (OAT) °F °C
Rel. Humidity %
Dew point °F °C
Est. Cloud Level Feet
Relative Humidity
Temp (OAT) °F °C
Dew point °F °C
Relative Humidity %
Est. Cloud Level Feet

Make sure that Javascript is active in your browser for these calculators to work properly!

Interpreting Weather Data

Aviation weather reports can be obtained from different sources and most countries have different formats. To assist with that EuroControl created a guidance note helping pilots obtaining weather reports before their flight.
During your flight it can be useful to update your weather picture, read the next document on how to get an inflight weather update.

Written by EAI.

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