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Before any flight the pilot in command is required to obtain and interpret actual and forecast weather. These are available in TAF (forecast) and METAR (actual) reports.

Knowing which questions to ask the weather briefer, reading aviation weather charts is the subject of the document below.

Eurocontrol Meteo Briefing

Excerpt from the document:

This note deals with sources of meteorological information available to the aviator and the procedures for getting this information.

Before flying, a pilot needs to know several things about the weather: What conditions he/she should expect at the departure, arrival and alternate airfields, and at any other airfields he/she might visit.

What conditions he/she should expect on the ground and around the aircraft during the flight, the winds and temperatures to plan the departure, navigation and arrival, and whether these forecasts are likely to be correct.

To continue reading see the pdf below:

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