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Franklin Engines

Franklin Aircraft Engines

The last couple of years development in aircraft engines has been more or less concentrating on diesel engines. We have seen one off installations to fully developed production lines.

A number of companies are active on this market primarily due to major concern of long term availability and the relative high price of AVgas (Europe). Which makes sense as Jet fuel is available everywhere, even in places where AVgas is not and has to be flown in. But still, development in and with AVgas engines is still going on.

Franklin originally started over a century ago building cars and engines in Syracuse, New York NY in 1893. After the great depression they restarted as Aircooled Motors Corp. and began developing 4-cylinder air cooled automotive and aircraft engines.

Franklin Aircraft Engines, Poland

After Franklin went defunct in 1975 the company was bought by the Polish government and called Franklin Aircraft Engines Sp. z.o.o. with the address ul. Chełmińska 208 in 86-300 Grudziądz city in Poland.

They are still active under this name and their website is active at the next link: www.franklin-engines.com/en/ although it has not been updated as of 2018.

Franklin Aircraft Engines, Inc.

This company is located in Fort Collins, CO 136 Racquette Drive and its website looks updated but outdated at the same time. Their website is www.franklinengines.com and they sell the original four and six cylinder model engine.

Engine power is 125 / 116 BHP @ 2800RPM for the four cylinder and 220 / 205 BHP @ 2800 RPM for the six cylinder engine.

Franklin Aerospace

Franklin Engines

This company started out by searching all over the country to locate Franklin Engine Parts. It was a tremendous investment of time, effort and energy to collect those inventories and put them under one roof. But now, their company has the largest inventory anywhere in the country.


Franklin Aerospace partners with Southern Aero to provide engine overhauls for our customer base. Robert Still, President of Southern Aero and Kelly have a synergistic vision for the engine overhaul and parts business.


Franklin sells a four (4) engine O-235, 125 BHP at 2800 RPM weighing 200 lbs and a O-350 220 BHP six (6) cylinder boxer engines. The starter motor is made by Skytec and certified, its 10 lbs lighter than any competition starter motor. They run with an electronic and magneto ignition as a backup (one wonders which one is the backup for the other).

The engine can have a O-200 mount or a bed mount on either one, they also have an STC for several aircraft.

Company information

Franklin Aerospace can be contacted at the following addresses:

Franklin Aerospace
147 Commercial Park Dr.
Thomasville, NC 27360, USA
+1 336 474 1960
[email protected]

Text and images used with permission (pending) of Franklin Aerospace.

The situation around this engine can be confusing with so many companies selling them. Although I think Franklin Aerospace seems to be the most reliable as they have the intention to bring them all together..

Written by EAI.

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