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Honeywell Garrett TPE331-10

Turboprop Details

In WW-II and shortly thereafter, piston powered aircraft peaked in power, performance and complexity wise. Power went up to over 4000 bhp for large multi-row radial engines. Only to be defeated by the jet, which was developed by (among others) Germany's Dr. Hans von Ohain and separately in the UK by Sir Frank Whittle. Its principles are based on the "Aeolipile" of the ancient Greek scientist Hero and other great thinkers like Leonardo da Vinci and the laws of Isaac Newton.

Compared to a piston, the gas turbine has less parts and the moving parts rotate in only one direction without stopping and accelerating as the pistons normally do in an engine. Thus, a running gas turbine is basically free of the vibrations normally found in piston models, which translates in much longer service life (TBO) and higher reliability.

Honeywell Garrett TPE331 Specifications

With this turboprop engine you as the owner will have increased performance, lower cost of ownership and advanced power (1650 shp) for your turboprop aircraft.

Excerpt from the document:

The basic engine includes: Fuel pumps, filter, fuel control unit, fuel shutoff valve, and fuel anti-ice heating system excluding fuel heater, Motive flow capability, Dual ignition system, excluding power source and accessory electrical wiring, Propeller flange

Accessories/features: Propeller-governor control, Propeller-pitch control, Oil filter bypass indicator, Oil to fuel heat exchanger, Controls linkage assembly, Auto ignition switch

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written by EAI.

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