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EdgePerformance, Norway

EdgePerformance (EP) was established in 2007 and started off building custom race and rally cars to exact customer specifications. EP also specializes in turbo engines and engine management systems. On the way towards becoming who they are known for today, they have created an enormous dealer and satisfied customer network, suppliers and not in the least: experience and expertise.

During 2013 EP was certified as iRMT on Rotax 912/914 engines and sold both engines and spare parts as well as performing service, repair and overhauls. As of 2007 they have been converting aircraft engines with EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) and turbochargers.

Since this took most of their time and created a lot of work, they stepped back from the Rotax spare part market and now perform maintenance/repair/overhauls (MRO) of Rotax engines exclusively.

EdgePerformance is constantly looking to establish relations with more dealers around the world to support and install EFI/Turbo retro fit bolt-on kits for customers. They are now able to support and supply these popular kits to the entire market on their own, and are happy to welcome new dealers. EdgePerformance is constantly working on improvements and simplifying of their products.

Engine Modifications

EP has developed several kits for conversion and modification of Rotax and Jabiru aircraft engines. These range from fuel injection, add on turbo- or superchargers, ceramic and teflon coated pistons, big bore cylinders for Rotax, improved and strengthened crank- or camshafts. The performance improvements in power output is really spectacular to say the least.
For example: the Rotax 912S can be modified to an EP R912STi, a fuel injected, turbo charged 154 HP / 182 NM beast of an engine!

For the engine to be able to handle the increase in power some changes will have to be made: the crankshaft is welded on all the engines they build with their custom rotary TIG welding tool. This prevents the crankshaft, which is normally press fitted, from any torque twisting. The gearbox is also modified to cope with the higher torque and power output.

Fuel Injected Turbo

These kits are available for Rotax 9 series and Jabiru 2200 / 3300 engines. Unlike the turbo, the supercharger kit is bolted on the back of the engine and EdgePerformance Supercharger in combination with a fuel injection kit will increase power. Turbo normalizing (maintaining intake pressure at sea level to a certain altitude) is also possible. The supercharger reduces fuel efficiency to a certain degree.

For the Rotax 914 engine there is also a fuel injection kit available, as this engine already has a turbo installed.
Included will be the EFI - ECU package and the carburetors will be removed from the engine.


EdgePerformance EFI - ECUEdgePerformance EFI - ECU

Installing the EP EFI-ECU kit means no more Bing carburetors, synchronization problems and importantly: no more carburetor ice! The advantages are huge: smooth running, lower fuel consumption and equalized cylinder head temperatures (within 5 °C). All of this results in a more reliable engine which lasts longer and is much cheaper to operate.

The EFI installation comes with a MIL-spec wiring loom, dual fuel pumps with check valves and filter, wide band O2 sensor, braided fuel hoses and a high pressure fuel filter. The intake assembly with throttle body, injectors and fuel rails are custom made for your aircraft.

New Ignition Module

Oct 2020: Edge Performance has a new SMD ignition module available with soft-start and three variable timings: 16 ° for start/ idle, 22 ° for mid-range RPMs below 5000 and 26 ° for high power RPMs. There is also a dual map function available so that the engine temporarily has a 5 inHg higher boost up to 45 inHg for turbo engines.
Test run to be seen in their video: Edge EP912STi - SMD Ignition Module Test.

Big Bore Kits

Your standard, out of the box, Rotax 912S has a cylinder displacement of 1358 cm3 and this can be enlarged up to 1621 cm3 with a big bore kit (EP 916). It is available in compression ratio's from 7:1 to 11:1 with a power output ranging 110 to 130 hp. It wil require 98 octane fuel for the 11:1 compression ratio kit, low compression ratio's may use the 95 octane fuel.

EdgePerformance Big Bore Kit

The 1484 (EP 915, 120 hp) and 1621 cm3 (EP 916, 135 hp) big bore turbo kit (8.5:1 compression ratio) are billet big bore cylinders for the 912 / 914 series of engines. They are made from 4043-T6 alloy with Nikasil (Nickel, Silicone, Carbide) coating. It is dynometer proven at 160 HP. Normal output on a 914 is 135 HP. It is supplied with custom under cut EP forged pistons with teflon coated skirts and ceramic coated piston crowns. The 1621 cm3 big bore kit requires machining of the crankcase.

Power output of these kits is between 110 to 130 HP, you may expect fuel flow to be around 10 % higher with the same RPM setting as before the conversion but with more power! Also included is an O-ring base which does away with the messy gasket sealer Rotax uses.

Yamaha EPeX 300 Ti

Yamaha EPeX 300 TiYamaha EPeX 300 Ti

At AERO 2019 EdgePerformance demonstrated their 300 hp Yamaha engine conversion. This engine is equipped with a turbo, fuel injection, intercooler and it has four cylinders inline. See the image to the right for details (hover the mouse over it). Jan2020: The latest dyno run confirms its power capability, it went over 350 hp @ almost 9000 RPM.


There are three versions of this engine: EPeX 150i has no fuel injection or turbo the stock engine, the 200 Ti 200 hp turbo charged engine. The last one is the big brother the 300 Ti a 300 hp beast!

Even more

EFI Ignition kits are available for Lycoming/ Continental engines too. Should you be into aerobatics then have look at the aerobatic kit for the 912, this will make sure that oil will flow even when flying upside down!


EP also has a camshaft replacement which increases/optimizes power output and mid-range torque, for those of you wanting the most of the engine.


A secondary alternator with an output of 32 A is available for those applications that need more power than the stock Rotax generator can supply, helpful as the EFI system uses 8 A. Its bolted onto the back of the engine and clears the ring mount while being compatible with the EFI crankshaft sensor trigger wheel, click here for an image. It weighs 2547 grams including the regulator/ rectifier.

Oil Pump

EdgePerformance Oil Pump

Using piston oil squirters for extra cooling as EP does with their high power engines, means that oil flow requirements are higher. They have a solution in the form of a higher capacity oil pump with orange cover. See the next video by GravityKnightFlying on the installation/ review of this high volume oil pump, (image shows the oil pump assembly, courtesy: Rotax).

MRO Organization

EdgePerformance specializes in repair, service, maintenance and overhaul of all 2/4-stroke engines. They are specialized in the 503/582 and 912/914 engines with a full spare parts inventory, mostly for the Norwegian market. They also carry out work on Jabiru and VW engines as well. Upgrades are also offered to a 2000 hour TBO spec as well as EFI conversion or big bore kit installations. Contact them for a quotation on these options.

All of their products are designed, manufactured and tested in-house by their own team before being released to the public.

EdgePerformance Dynamic Installation

Company information

Edge Performance can be contacted at the following addresses:

CEO Thomas Hauklien
Pilot, Flight Instructor, Examiner, A&P and test pilot for all their products

EdgePerformance AS NorwayBadAss Power Sports North America
Strandveien 17T4L 2N3 Lacombe
3330 SKOTSELV, NorwayAlberta, Canada
+47 92 033 926 +1 403 505 9808
[email protected] [email protected]
www.edgeperformance.no badasspowersports.com
www.facebook.com/edgeperformance.no www.facebook.com/BadAss-Power-Sports-788463994597029


At Sun and Fun Thomas Hauklien was interviewed by HomebuiltHelp about his company and products, below an impression:

Text and images used with permission of Edge Performance.

Written by EAI.

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