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Lone Star Engines

Lone Star Light Sport

The company is using one of the most common experimental aircraft engine conversions in the world, it is the VW Type 1 based, long block, with a displacement of 1600 cm3 or 98 in3.

The engine is used in a multitude of aircraft (see their website for a complete list). It is built from a brand-new VW case adding other required components to end up with a totally new experimental aircraft engine. Ideal for aircraft weighing up to 750 lbs all up weight.

Lone Star also is manufacturing an intake manifold, and exhaust kit for their engines, which have been proven to put out between 5 and 8 pounds additional torque than the standard open VW exhaust, with its typical sound.

VW Derived Engines

We call them derived or based upon because the original engine is modified or rebuild to such an extend that it outperforms the design from the past and almost becomes a completely different engine.

Lone Star VW case

VW One

The VW 1 model is made from parts that are brand new and sourced out from the VW automotive aftermarket industry for the 1600 cm3 engine. The ignition system is a single ignition multi spark system for easy starting and fuel efficiency. An electric start system is also included. You may expect between three and four weeks production time before taking delivery.

Javelina Engine

The Javelina is a twin cylinder aircraft engine conversion based on the half VW. Using American motorcycle heads and cylinders, Lone Star has been able to increase the air flow over the heads and cylinders by over 30%, and the cooling area by over 130%.

Lone Star Javelina

This allows the use of 9.5 to 1 compression ratio pistons, which produces 75 hp and comes in at 126 pounds, which is 30 pounds lighter than a Rotax 912 80 hp engine, and about the same weight as a Rotax 582 with drive, electric start and cooling system.

Lone Star has two prototype engines at the moment of writing (early 2019). The first is a cut aluminum case using twin cam style cylinders. With a 101/ 82 mm bore and stroke 1310 cm3 or 80 in3. The weight of this engine is about 122 lbs. The second engine features a full magnesium case 89/ 82mm bore and stroke, 1048 cm3 or 64 in3. With a total weight of 106 lbs less starter.

Cylinder head and exhaust gas temperatures are expected to be lower than a standard 7.5 to 1 half VW, thanks to 100% more cooling fin surface area on the cylinders! This setup will allow for compression in the 9.5 to 1 range in the future. Lone Star is hoping to achieve 60 hp at 9.5 to 1.


Lone Star Light Sport Aircraft was founded with the goal to offer premium craftsmanship and superior customer service. Serving the experimental aircraft homebuilder, the company specializes in VW aircraft engine conversions with great success.

Their specialties include: block machining, cylinder head reconditioning, partial or complete rebuilding of your engine.


More detailed information and history about the VW air cooled engine can be found at its Wikipedia page.

Company information

Lone Star Light Sport can be visited and reached at:

Lone Star Light Sport
402 West Moonlight Drive
Waco, TX 76706 USA
+1 254-498-0028
See contact page or [email protected]

Text and images used with permission (pending) of Lone Star.

Written by EAI.

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