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ULPOWER UL260i Aero EngineULPOWER UL260i Aero Engine

ULPowerAero Engines

Formed in 2006, ULPOWER Aero Engines is a small Belgian company which started as a joint venture by a number of individuals and companies. Their intention is to develop and manufacture a light weight aero engine where power and reliability is priority number one.

This has resulted in the UL260 and UL350 family of engines. Designed as a four cylinder, air cooled, direct drive, multi-point injected and FADEC equipped low RPM engine.

To this day several aircraft manufacturers have included this engine in their designs. One could say that the designers have definitely succeeded in their goals.

In 2014 we saw the introduction of a new range of six cylinder models from this company. They are based on the same construction principles and as such they have continued their novel design philosophy into higher powered engines for higher performance class aircraft. Certification is not in the foreseeable future.

ULPower design

ULpower engines are built around proven technology. Multi-point electronic fuel injection is used to replace the inefficient carburetors of earlier times resulting in lower fuel consumption, no more carburetor ice with redundant variable timing and dual ignition. The propeller is direct driven reducing weight even more.

This has resulted in an Aero engine with an excellent power to weight ratio suitable for use in ultralight, LSA and other small to medium sized experimental homebuilt aircraft. If you are looking for a modern, non complex (compared to Rotax), light weight, fuel efficient engine then this is the one!



The engine can be fitted with a single or dual Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) and it/they controls all aspects of operation, altitude and temperature compensation, the amount of fuel injected and the timing of the ignition. All of this results in a stable RPM, no icing, lower fuel consumption, easier starting (just press the button and go) and good throttle response. Follow the next link for more detailed information about the ULPower FADEC system.

The choice for a FADEC driven engine was relatively easy: Why design a totally new engine and use magneto and carburetor technology from the last century? As a result carburetor ice is avoided, cold/hot starts and fuel economy are much improved, these are some of the advantages a pilot/owner can live with!

Air cooled

Another manufacturer produces water cooled aircraft engines. As this brings along more complexity, weight and multiple points of failure. ULPOWER has chosen to design an air cooled engine with a large enough fin area suitable for high power in high temperature situations.

Modern features

ULpower has included a number of modern features in their engines which are very attractive to aircraft builders. Below a list of the most interesting:

  • Modern technology four stroke, air cooled, four cylinder opposed engine
  • FADEC - Full Authority Digital Engine Control
  • Dual (redundant) electronic spark ignition (variable timing)
  • Multi-point electronic fuel injection with automatic altitude and temperature compensation
  • No controls for carb heat, mixture or choke
  • Integrated logging of engine system parameters
  • Electronic RPM limiter
  • Direct propeller drive
  • Wet sump forced lubrication with integrated pressure regulator
  • Five (4 cyl), seven (6 cyl) bearing crankshaft with thrust ball bearing
  • Ram air cooled cylinders and cylinder heads
  • High fuel efficiency
  • No carburetor icing problems
  • Perfect cold and hot start capabilities (regardless density altitude)
  • Excellent power to weight ratio
  • Electric fuel pump and pressure regulator to eliminate vapor lock and facilitate starting even under adverse conditions

More technical information on the UL260i engine in these pdf files: English, French, German and Dutch.

Company information

ULPower can be contacted at the following addresses:

ULPower Head OfficeULPower North America
ULPower Aero EnginesUL POWER, LLC
Zonnebeekseweg 3791189 Duckhead Road, Suite 1A
B-8900 Ieper, BelgiumLake Ozark, MO 65049, USA
+32 57 466 120 +1 573-434-0075
[email protected] [email protected]
www.ulpower.com www.ulpower.net

Text and images used with permission of ULPower.

Written by EAI.

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