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Liqui Moly Rotax Oil

With the correct oil friction losses in an engine are reduced to a minimum. This is done by taking into consideration circumstances as engine usage, ambient temperature, time of year and climate, location and engine design. The engine manufacturer usually recommends a certain type of oil to use with regard to different circumstances.

Lubricating oil plays an important part in the life of the engine and during maintenance it will be replaced, on certified aircraft the pilot can only replenish it.

Liqui Moly Aero is a German Manufacturer of outstanding engine oils, additives and other care product especially for aircraft engines and owners.

Aero 4T 15W-50

Excerpt from the document:

High-performance aircraft motor oil based on synthetic technology. Ensures maximum performance and protection of the engine under all operating conditions.

Optimum lubrication, outstanding engine cleanliness, excellent friction and minimum wear are guaranteed. Specially formulated additives result in high shear stability and in combined systems ensure particular protection for the transmission.

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