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Liqui Moly Fuel Additives

Experimental aircraft commonly use engines which consume AVgas (Lycoming / Continental / Franklin and equivalent types) or engines running Mogas (Rotax, Subaru etc).Some of these Aero engines are capable, or modified to run either fuel; although with operating restrictions or with a special type certificate.

Engine fuels leave behind deposits in the fuel system, carburetors, fuel lines and intake valves. Normally there is not much a pilot can do to clean these parts. Liqui Moly supplies the aviation community with a product which can take care of this.

The engine combustion process also leaves behind fuel residues. Deposits that form and adhere to surfaces in combustion chambers, on injectors, valves and injector tips inside the engine.

Fuel Additives

The result of this process is impairment of engine performance, higher fuel consumption and more pollutants from the combustion. With LIQUI MOLY AERO fuel additives existing deposits are removed and it will prevent new deposits. The combustion is greatly improved. For the pilto, aircraft owner this means lower repair costs, lower fuel consumption/ cost, greater operating reliability, more environmental protection, higher engine performance.

AERO Fuel System Treatment

Fuel Additive

This product is meant for adding to the fuel, whether it be AVGAS, MOGAS or any gasoline.

The rapid and constant changes in air pressure during flight operations have an effect on the fuel-air mixture as well, it sits very often on the "rich" side. The fuel-air mixture necessarily burns less effectively, producing detrimental deposits in the intake and combustion chamber as well as on the spark plugs.

The addition of LIQUI MOLY AERO Fuel System Treatment every time you refuel prevents fuel waste and loss of power and has the following properties:

  • It is suitable for aircraft with carburetor and injection systems running on AVGAS and MOGAS
  • Ensures better performance
  • Improves the start-up behavior and combustion
  • Prevents deposits in the combustion chamber and fuel system
  • Cleans intake valves
  • Protects the tank and gasoline system from corrosion
  • Improves compression
  • Saves fuel
  • Prevents carburetor icing
  • It is tested for turbocharged engines
  • You need 25 ml to enhance 10 liters of fuel
  • Packaging unit for maintenance facilities and Marketing Partners: 6 pcs.
  • Contents of the bottle: 250 ml, enough for 100 liters of fuel

More information in the product specification sheet: AERO Fuel System Treatment.

Text and images used with permission.

For detailed description see the: Liqui Moly Aero web site.

Written by EAI.

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