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Liqui Moly Aero

Liqui Moly Oil Additives

With the correct oil friction losses in an engine are reduced to a minimum. This is done by taking into consideration circumstances as engine usage, ambient temperature, time of year and climate, location and engine design. The engine manufacturer usually recommends a certain type of oil to use with regard to different circumstances.

Lubricating oil plays an important part in the life of the engine and during maintenance it will be replaced, on certified aircraft the pilot can only replenish it.

Engine oil contains additives known as friction modifiers/reducers and anti wear additives which are soluble and are used in the lubrication industry for many years now. On this page we are going to emhasize the oil additives from Liqui Moly Aero which are purposely manufactured for the Rotax line of engines.

Oil Additives

For every hour you fly, you pay with a tiny piece of the engine, this is because of friction and wear of all moving Surface roughness metal parts. The result of this can be seen from accumulated metals abrasion in the oil during analysis. With LIQUI MOLY Oil Additives like 'AERO Fly Safe Engine Protector' or 'AERO Fly Safe Engine & Gearbox Protector' this wear can be reduced significantly.

In spite of all efforts to produce smooth metal surfaces they remain, when viewed under a microscope, rough and uneven (Fig. 1). These irregularities are compensated for with the application of solid lubricants such as molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) or microceramics (Fig. 2).

Surface treatment considerably reduces frictional resistance and wear: chemical agents, or so-called friction modifiers chemically bond with the metallic surface and smooth the high points of metal pairing surfaces, thereby eliminating damage (Fig. 3).

More information about additives in engine oil can be found in our article on friction and wear.

Engine & Gearbox Oil Improver

Specially developed by LIQUI MOLY for 4-stroke ROTAX aircraft engines with step-down transmission. Also outstandingly suitable for JETFUEL diesel aircraft engines. Oil improver suitable for engines with or without a slip clutch, for adding to the motor oil.

The 80 and 100 HP engines in ultralight, LSA and experimental aircraft often have to work in the most difficult conditions such as: cold starting, full power during takeoff usually at the weight limit, high outside temperatures, long ascents on full power, shock cooling when descending.
Often the aviation and light aircraft can go weeks without ever being used.

Under these extremely tough operating conditions the oil plays a critical role in the operational reliability and long life of the engine.

LIQUI MOLY AERO Fly Safe Engine & Gearbox Protector

Liqui Moly Oil Additive

Protects against internal corrosion even if the engine is not used for long periods. Specially developed for 4-stroke ultralight engines with or without a slip clutch and features high-tech ceramic wear protection that prevents direct metal-on-metal contact.

It reduces wear and friction in engine and gearbox and is stable even under high thermal and dynamic permanent loads. Resists extremely high and low temperatures and saves fuel.

Prolongs engine service life and prevents internal corrosion, Improves smooth operation and compression, Higher performance gain due to reduced friction.

The product has emergency running properties and one tube is sufficient for up to 4 liters. The content of this tube has been geared to and is sufficient for adding in oil changes of the ROTAX 912 engine. Read more about this product here.

Text adapted and used with permission.

For detailed description see the: Liqui Moly Aero web site.

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