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Liqui Moly Oil Additive

Liqui Moly Engine Gearbox Protector

With the correct oil friction losses in an engine are reduced to a minimum. This is done by taking into consideration circumstances as engine usage, ambient temperature, time of year and climate, location and engine design. The engine manufacturer usually recommends a certain type of oil to use with regard to different circumstances.

Lubricating oil plays an important part in the life of the engine and during maintenance it will be replaced, on certified aircraft the pilot can only replenish it.

Liqui Moly Aero is a German Manufacturer of outstanding engine oils, additives and other care product especially for aircraft engines and owners.

FlySafe Engine & Gearbox Protector

Excerpt from the document:

High-tech ceramic wear protection for 4-stroke Rotax aircraft engines with step-down transmission. The laminar graphite-similar structure reduces friction and wear and prevents direct metal-to-metal contact.

The < 0.5 µm particle size guarantees optimum filter flow properties and protects against the deposition of solid lubricant particles. These will remain in suspension.

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