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Rotax Aircraft Engine

Rotax Aircraft Engines

Rotax four stroke aircraft engines have proven themselves as reliable pieces of machinery. They can be bought as experimental (UL), sport (S) or certified (A and F) engine and there are four main models (fuel injected too: i models) to date. The original engine is the 80 hp 912, from which the 100 hp 912S was developed and Rotax also has a 115 hp turbocharged 914 engine. In 2015 BRP-Rotax announced the fuel injected 141 hp turbocharged 915iS.

Service instruction SI-27-1997 describes the proper procedure for checking the oil level in a Rotax 912 or 914 engine by removing the oil tank cap, rotating the propeller in the normal direction until air is forced back into the oil tank. Do this at pre-flight and at each maintenance check.

Always keep the oil level between the minimum and maximum level marks on the dipstick. On longer flights take some extra oil with you and keep the level at maximum.

Bombardier Rotax Service Instruction

SI-27-1997, Oil level check

Excerpt from the document:

Additional and detailed information regarding the checking of the oil level on ROTAX® engines of type 912 and 914 are considered to be necessary.

Incorrect oil level readings are being caused by incorrect oil level check procedures. 1.4) Subject Oil level check. 1.5) Compliance At the pre-flight check or the next maintenance event.

To continue reading see the pdf below:

written by EAI.

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