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  • Waco Classic Aircraft Brings You Oshkosh 2019... By Land, Sea, and Air!

    Date: 07/22/2019 12:00 PM

    Waco, Great Lakes... Two Amazing Classic Biplanes Made by THE Classic Biplane Experts! WACO Classic Aircraft of Battle Creek, MI, is the world's only manufacturer of a brand new 1930's era open cockpit sport biplane, the WACO YMF. Since 1983, WACO Classic has been building new production aircraft under the original FAA type certificate. There are currently over 150 WACO YMF's flying around the world. An updated classic, the YMF-5D features modern safety equipment, materials, and avionics. Customers have their choice in custom paint scheme, interior and instrument packages to suit their taste. Each biplane is built by hand, by experienced and skilled craftsmen, with over 5000 labor hours going into each plane. The result is a luxury aircraft and a serious performance machine, capable of full aerobatics with impressive flying qualities. The new WACO YMF-5D exemplifies attention to detail and brings the Golden Age of Aviation to life. WACO Classic Aircraft of Battle Creek, Michigan, carries on the proud WACO tradition, with a one-of-a-kind open cockpit sport biplane that is as exhilarating to fly as it is beautiful to behold. Custom made for each owner, the WACO YMF-5D, with its classic graceful design, is the most elegant, exclusive and thrilling biplane imaginable. More recently; Waco has produced the NEW Amphibious YMF-5F. It features a 300 HP engine, MT constant speed propeller, Garmin VFR avionics and Amphibious Aerocet floats.
  • The Airplane Factory/Sling Pilot Academy Dazzle Oshkosh 2019!

    Date: 07/22/2019 12:00 PM

    The Sling NGT Makes For A REALLY Modern Trainer While The TSi Proves That NO 4-Place SportPlane Has EVER Been This Capable! At the typical ‘Joe’s flight school’ seen at many an American airport, the average flight training aircraft often doesn’t look so much different than the one your father might have flown… or your grandfather, for that matter. ‘Battle-weary’, dated, poorly equipped, and out of touch with the times, the average flight school Cessna (or its equivalent) is a less than perfect option for a flight student looking to ready themselves for tomorrow’s aviation job. The Airplane Factory, of Torrance California, has an alternative to yesterday’s battered trainers with the new Sling NGT (Next-Generation Trainer), a sporty, modern, FADEC-equipped, training aircraft with a glass panel that is already racking up hundreds of hours at the Sling Pilot Academy—an innovative new flight training establishment that is proving the aircraft’s value and efficiency on a daily basis. First; the Sling NGT looks like what a modern trainer should look like… with a big, high-visibility sliding bubble canopy, the latest Rotax engine technology, and a brand-spanking new Garmin G3X glass panel -- it has a space-age look while offering outstanding economics, and yes… solid performance...
  • Continental Aerospace Technologies Powers ANN's OSH 2019 Special Event Coverage!

    Date: 07/22/2019 12:00 PM

    Continental Aerospace Technologies™: Heritage with a Future Continental® is a vertically integrated manufacturer of piston aircraft engines with over 110 years of continuous operation. The company designs, certifies, manufactures, and distributes a range of gasoline and Diesel aviation engines worldwide. Continental® has been a recognized as the world leader in the development of aviation products. From the Piper Cub to the setting of altitude world records for manned piston aircraft, Continental® has led the way, bringing many technological innovations to GA and becoming the engine supplier to the most prestigious aircraft manufacturers. Continental was first to introduce the horizontally opposed cylinder engine configuration, fuel injection and turbo-charging in general aviation aircraft. Continental Motors again delivered cutting edge technology with the first certified Full Authority Digital Engine Controller (FADEC) and service system to piston-powered general aviation aircraft...
  • CubCrafters, Lycoming Partner With Hartzell

    Date: 07/22/2019 12:00 PM

    Launch Lightweight Pathfinder Prop Hartzell Propeller, working closely with CubCrafters and Lycoming Engines, is developing and launching the lightweight Pathfinder composite three-blade constant speed propeller. CubCrafters is Hartzell's exclusive launch customer for the new Pathfinder prop.
  • Sandia Debuts New Electronic Course Deviation Indicator (e CDI) At AirVenture

    Date: 07/21/2019 12:00 PM

    Non-Certified SI-11X Is Intended For The Experimental Aircraft Market Sandia Aerospace is introducing the SI-11X Electronic Course Deviation Indicator (e CDI) at EAA AirVenture in Ohskosh, WI.

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