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  • 2021 SECAS Summit & Air Show Training Camp Set For March

    Date: 01/24/2021 11:00 AM

    Will Promote Safety, Professionalism, And Sustainability Within The Air Show Industry The Southeast Council Air Shows (SECAS) has partnered with JLC AirShow Management and Air Boss Inc. to redefine the regional air show council model. For the first time, an Air Show Training Camp will be offered in conjunction with a regional air show summit. This joint event will actively promote safety, professionalism, and sustainability within the air show industry. Invited participants include civilian, military, and international members – Civilian Performers, Military Teams, Air Bosses, Announcers, FAA Inspectors-In-Charge (FSDO), Organizers/Producers, and Service Providers.
  • EAA Undertakes AeroEducate Initiative

    Date: 01/23/2021 11:00 AM

    'Next Step' For Direct Youth Aviation Education EAA has introduced AeroEducate -- which they hope will bring an interactive, educational, and engaging experience to young people ages 5 to 18 beginning in 2021. AeroEducate's web-based resource provides clear, age-appropriate pathways to aviation and aerospace engagement, and even career paths. A multitude of turnkey, easy-to-use aviation-themed activities for teachers and EAA chapters can be used at sites ranging from classrooms to EAA chapter hangars.
  • Classic Aero-TV: High-Speed Match-up - Venom and GE Rebirth A Legend

    Date: 01/22/2021 11:00 AM

    From 2017: Major Engine Supplier Joins Forces With Small Aircraft Manufacturer… GE recently made an agreement with Venom Aircraft to supply engines for the kit-built airplane which the company hopes can gain some traction in the military and para-military market. Roy Plackis, Director of Operations for Venom Aerospace, told ANN news editor Tom Patton at Sun 'n Fun in April that the engine that is being offered with the airplane is a GE H-80 family engine producing 750 horsepower. It will cruise at 350 knots, and will climb anywhere between 6,000 and 6,500 feet per minute, Plackis said.
  • FAA Reminds You... AGAIN... Tampa Bay is a 'No Drone Zone' During Super Bowl LV

    Date: 01/21/2021 11:00 AM

    The FAA Is Getting Pretty Insistent With Their Reminders... Lest you missed any of the many reminders previously issued by the FAA, Raymond James Stadium in Tampa is a “No Drone Zone” for Super Bowl LV on Feb. 7, 2021. Drones also are prohibited around the Tampa Riverwalk for the NFL Super Bowl Experience during the days leading up to the event. The FAA is establishing a TFR on game day that will prohibit drones within a 30-nautical-mile radius of the stadium up to 18,000 feet in altitude. The TFR will be in place from 5:30 p.m. to 11:59 p.m. EST. Drones are also prohibited for one nautical mile around Raymond James Stadium on February 7 from 10 a.m. until the TFR for the game takes effect. Further details are available in the drone TFR.
  • NTSB Prelim: Siebel Auriga

    Date: 01/21/2021 11:00 AM

    While Climbing Through 3,000 Ft... The Engine "Sputtered And Quit" On August 14, 2020, about 1144 central daylight time, an experimental Siebel Auriga airplane, N505JS, was substantially damaged when it was involved in an accident near Rockford, Illinois. The pilot was not injured. The driver of an automobile sustained minor injuries. The airplane was operated as a Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 personal flight. The pilot report that he departed runway 18 at Cottonwood Airport (1C8), Rockford, Illinois, and continued north of the airport where he intended to monitor engine oil temperatures after making changes to the engine cowling to increase cooling. The pilot reported that while climbing through 3,000 ft, about 3-5 miles north of 1C8, the engine "sputtered and quit."

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