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At FAA, our mission is to provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world. We continually strive to improve the safety and efficiency of flight in this country.

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  • Air Traffic Controller Application Window Now Open Through August 2

    Date: 07/30/2021 07:13 AM

    Apply July 30-Aug. 2. Women, minorities, & individuals from underrepresented communities encouraged to apply.

  • FAA Implements Alternative Air Traffic Procedure for Teterboro

    Date: 07/28/2021 04:28 PM

    The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has implemented an alternative air traffic procedure for arrivals to Runway 19 at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey.

    The procedure uses satellite-based technology to guide a mix of aircraft along a pathway that generally follows New Jersey State Route 17 to Runway 19 at Teterboro Airport. This alternative procedure does not replace the existing conventional instrument approach which will remain the preferred approach for Runway 19.

    The agency started using the procedure on July 1, 2021.

    The FAA developed the procedure at the request of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the Teterboro Airport Noise Abatement Advisory Committee. The procedure provides a viable alternative approach to Runway 19 that will help reduce the number of aircraft flying over the Hackensack University Medical Center and the surrounding residential areas.

    The new procedure will not be available for use during periods of poor weather, low visibility or high traffic volume due to complexity of the airspace and air traffic controller workload. The best opportunity for the alternative approach procedure to be used is during the overnight hours when air traffic demand and complexity for the New York and New Jersey metropolitan area is reduced.

    The agency conducted an Environmental Assessment and held public meetings on the procedure in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA), which requires the FAA to identify and publicly disclose the potential environmental impacts of proposed air traffic procedures. The Final Environmental Determination was issued in September 2020.

  • FAA Posts Sierra Space Dream Chaser Proposed Project Information

    Date: 07/23/2021 03:42 PM

    The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) developed a project website for the public to learn more about Sierra Space Corporations proposed plan to land its Dream Chaser reentry vehicle at the Space Florida Shuttle Landing Facility in Titusville, Florida.

    People interested in the project can subscribe to receive project updates and information about opportunities for public involvement.

    The Dream Chaser is a reusable reentry vehicle and would be launched as payload on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from a different site. Sierra Space has a contract with NASA to carry supplies to and from the International Space Station.

    This proposed project is currently in the pre-application consultation phase. Once the FAA receives Sierra Spaces license application, the agency will begin its license evaluation process.

    This includes reviews on safety, environmental impacts, airspace integration, policy, payload and financial responsibility in accordance with FAA regulations and the National Environmental Policy Act. The FAA will make a license determination only after it completes all reviews.

    Space Florida is the state-chartered spaceport authority and received an FAA-issued Launch and Reentry Site Operator License for the SLF in January 2021.

    To learn more about the FAAs role in commercial space transportation, click here.

  • FAA Issues Decision on LaGuardia AirTrain Environmental Review

    Date: 07/20/2021 08:29 PM

    The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) today issued its decision on the environmental review for the proposed construction of the LaGuardia Airport (LGA) AirTrain. This final step, referred to as the Record of Decision, allows the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to proceed with its proposal to construct a rail system to provide a reliable transit option for air travelers and employees at LGA. The Port Authority will now be able to submit a future application for funding under the Passenger Facility Charge program.

    Port Authority has planned the AirTrain to connect LGA to the New York City Transit Subway 7 Line and the Long Island Rail Road Port Washington Branch at Mets-Willets Point. There will also be passenger walkways connecting to the LGA Central Hall, a parking garage connector, public transportation and ground transportation facilities.

    The FAA held two virtual public workshops and three virtual public hearings in September 2020 on the draft environmental review. The meetings had a combined viewership of over 18,000 people, and the public provided over 4,200 comments. Participants were able to request interpreters for a variety of languages for all these meetings. The Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) was released on March 19, 2021 and contained responses to the comments received.

    Eighteen different federal, state and local agencies have provided input throughout the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process based on their expertise and authorities.

    The FAA prepared the environmental review because the Port Authority plans to request funding for the AirTrain through the Passenger Facility Charge program. The program allows for the collection of fees added to passenger tickets. Those proceeds can be used on certain qualifying airport projects, subject to FAA approval.

    The FAA prepared the FEIS in accordance with theNational Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA),which requires the FAA to analyze alternatives and identify and disclose the potential environmental impacts of the proposed project. During the NEPA process, the FAA looked at 47 alternatives, more than half of which were identified by the public during the scoping process. These options were evaluated to see if they met the purpose and need of the proposed action and if they would be reasonable to construct and operate.

  • FAA to Host Northern California Airspace Workshops

    Date: 07/14/2021 10:02 PM

    The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will host two virtual public workshops next week about the airspace in Northern California.

    The workshops will be via Zoom and livestream on social media on Tuesday, July 20, and Wednesday, July 21. FAA representatives will explain how air traffic operates in one of the busiest and most complex segments of airspace in the U.S. We also will discuss our work to address key recommendations from the Select Committee on South Bay Arrivals and local community noise roundtables.

    The workshops will include video and slide presentations followed by a live Q&Asession,during which representatives from the FAA, airlines and airports will answer the publics questions.

    The July 20 workshop will run from 6 to 8 p.m. Pacific Time. The July 21 workshop will run from 1 to 3 p.m. Pacific Time.

    You must register to attend the Zoom workshops. To register, and to get more information about the workshops, please visit this website. The FAA also will livestream the workshops on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube without a requirement to register.

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